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Alta/Snowbird Jan 19-26

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I have a very strong group of friends for whom I play chief cook/bottle washer in the organization of an annual week away, and I've done so with immense pleasure for 18 years. The trip took us this year to Utah, and the timing was so right! First day, Sunday Jan 20, softpacked at Alta, great warmup day. Monday...17 inches new, us in a cabin right beside Alta Peruvian, and the road was closed till 10 or so. Sorry for those who couldn't make it up...BUT!!! Oh My! The locals called it "country club" skiing. Supreme was empty. Collins was near empty. Blower powder. Life was great. Snowbird Tuesday, walk-on trams, great snow, untracked powder on the little knolls skier's left of the Little Cloud lift. Bluebird Alta Wednesday, and still cool enough to preserve the snow, even on the front side. Thursday Snowbird less people than I've EVER seen at a major resort with such great snow. New snow falling, wind deposits, magic! Traverse out to Thunder area = knee deep. Finally Friday an Alta "6 inches", and skied with friends till the lifts weren't turning any more. Final pitch down Westward Ho to the cabin, untracked to end the week. The week was great, the myth that Alta gets "skied out" in 2 hours is, indeed, a myth, and the steeps to the skier's left at the end of Cirque Traverse at Snowbird will test anyone's form. Any local in this area is one fortunate soul!

My elder brother infused the love of skiing in me when I was a kid. Distance has prevented us being on the boards together for years. He's the one in the tan/brown jacket on the attached video. He was able to make it out from Ottawa, and was blown away by the skiing and the great friends we all share. It was a great week.

Here's a link to a video spliced together by my nephew.

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Awesome video! I was at Alta part of last week (skied Tues-Weds-Thurs) and it was indeed a great week to be there. I would kill to be a local out there....
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very good video, the 7inch day on friday was classic LCC underreporting.
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Nice video. This has me STOKED! for the gathering.
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great video! thanks for sharing.
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thanks, three weeks to my 2nd trip out this year, guess i better start counting!
awesome video, if you are a cottonwood skier, it won't take too many trips to
have one of those days...
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Cottonwood withdrawal...

I'm glad you guys have enjoyed the vid. I must confess, the brain has been less at work and more at play since returning. Snowbirddevotee, thought of your enthusiasm for the mountain as we actually made it over TWICE (gasp) to the Bird, even though our house was beside the Peruvian. Great steeps and NOBODY on the hill. Amazing.

Storms of 23, 16, and 19 inches this week at Alta. Should set everyone up nicely! I hope the pattern continues.
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Yeah, with all this snow I am thinking I need to plan another trip out there in Feb or March....
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Well done on the video!
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