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i'm a bit crazy, but this impulse buy didn't work out for the feelings I want.


189 Pontoon, mounted w/ Salomon 9 14 binding
$650 (ski sells for $800, binding for $270 in shops)
skied 2 days, mounted to a 302 boot sole.
will sell w/o bindings as well $425.

169 Pontoon, mounted w/ rossi axial 110
$550 (binding is only $120 in shops)
skied 1 day, mounted to a 274 boot sole
no binding, $425 as well.

Many people are loving these, they just have less baggage about traditional feel then I have.

Great price for a top rockered powder ski.


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both sold, thx.

Looks like both are sold, Thx for the interest.

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I'm looking for some 189 pontoons!anyone got some to sell?

I'm looking for a good deal on some 189 k2 pontoons, anyone have anything laying around. I can't start a new thread so I hijacked this one.
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Thank God they sold! Anyone selling Thugs......?
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Originally Posted by bertrenolds View Post
I'm looking for a good deal on some 189 k2 pontoons and Tramdock have a few pairs left for $480 shipped.

SierraJim has one pair left for $500 shipped.
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yeah I saw thoses for 480

I was trying to get a used pair for less but it's not easy so, I'm gonna call joes and see if they can give me a deal with a patroller discount. Otherwise I will wait, it's not going to be snowing for a while.
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So what do you need the toons for in MInnesota anyway? Are you moving? When I lived in Minnesota (10 years) I never saw a day that POW skis would be useful. If you're taking a trip out west you can probably demo some and then you won't have to check them and risk getting them hosed.. If you're moving you can probably find some used ones on Criags or eBay local pick up when you get there.
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We have pow days here, it's just that it's like 1 day a year and you have to get it before buck grooms it. I was in 8inches this last winter of untouched stuff at buck 746. I generally make 3 trips a year for a week each time out west but I plan on moving out there soon. I have coombas but in the really deep stuff they don't float as much as I would like them too so I think I'm gonna go 28mm wider, that should help. I really noticed I need to go wider when I was at breck hitting snow drifts having trouble staying ontop of the snow, in utah the snow was a little different, it was lighter and the coombas worked great and floated fairly well, but in colorado on deep days I believe the policy is the wider the better because the snow is heavier. I would own with a pair of pontoons on a deep day! And I wouldent nedd to worry about someone stealing my skis because when I go to the mountain I am their to ski, not sit at the bottom of the hill and drink hot-coco all day. I pretty much go to the top of the hill in the morning and don't come down until the hill is closed or I can't ski anymore. And I carry beer in my bag so I pit in the woods instead of at the bar.

And I bet we get better snow fall then NC in minnesota, I believe people in NC skate, I mean ski down a hill of glare ice.
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I actually worked at Buck as an instructor for two years 1981-1983. The main reason it's hard to float in those bottomless 8 inches before the cat gets out is that the grade isn't steep enough to accellerate quickly enough. You're at the outrun three turns into what momentum you need. Skiing on surfboards won't change that. Going out west will be significantly different. As for average snowfall MN vs NC, it all depends on what part of the state. Up in the mountains at 5,000 feet elevation there is a fair amount of snowfall. The ski areas are typically open from Mid November through March with about 6 " of natural per week, somethmes LOTs more. I don't live there so I can't compare it to what I recall from living in Burnsville from 1972 through 1983. I can testify that the first winter I moved here we got 23" in ONE night here in Durham. The city stood still for almost a week. That was truly a freak storm:. What I do remember about skiing Buck was major hardpack boiler plate ice, extremely cold windy days with the wind blowing across Crystal Lake and I35 then shooting right through me all to ski on what is considered blue/green runs in the Smokey Mountains and elsewhere. But, I was extremely glad to have that 5 minutes from my Burnsville front door. I was always one of the 4-5 people skiing on those coldest of days at Buck. You're very lucky to have skiable terrain nearby.

Enjoy your beer and your Pontoons
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Wow, I think NC has us beat, I would trade that for buck hill anyday, I underestimated NC. With a 130 waste ski you would float in 8inchs easily no matter where you are, even here. I imagine I will ski them only out west on deep days, maybe here for fun. Coombas are still the best all around mountain ski k2 makes.
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well the snow # seem a little high for the last few years. it is usually the difference in 4 or 5 degrees between epic snow storm or down pore that melts 10 in of snow in a day

I was at NC State for that freek storm. it was pure anarchy on campus it was a week long snowball fight.
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