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My wife needs new boots....

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My wife is a beginner and has a pair of cheap Nordica 25.5's that she bought because they were comfortable in the store. Well she finds them to be terribly painful when we are up at the mountain. I measured her feet at the store and she measures 245mm on her largest foot, 240mm on the other. She has fairly narrow feet and small ankles and small calves. We tried putting in better footbeds custom molded to her feet. Most of her pain is associated to her instep, she also can lift both of her heals. She only skis a hand full of days a year and has no desire to move off of the green runs. We need some suggestions, she is looking on ebay at some Atomic M9's (size 24.5), also some Lange CRL 70's, CRL 80's, CRL W's, & Exclusive 70's & Roxy Ala's (do Lange & Roxy run a full size smaller as other's say?). Any other suggestions on Brands/models and sizing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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raceman_spiff not certain I understand the logic here. Your wife is already in a boot that is too large, she is in too much pain to ski and you think you will do better on ebay. Not certain I agree. Well yes I am certain. I don't agree.

Don't know where you are located but you have educated yourself enough to measure her foot and determine proper size. If you are in an area where there are reliable shops go to one. If not, recommend you spend time reading myriad of posts here about sizing. I believe there is one at the top of the forum.
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Thanks for your quick reply. I understand what you are saying about finding a good fitting pair of boots on ebay is unlikely. I personally have used a boot fitter and have warm and painless feet, but getting her to spend an hour at a ski shop is impossible, she doesn't understand how important it is.

1) My main question is I believe she needs a 24.5 (39) and we are looking for a boot that has a fairly narrow width and small volume ankle area and small calf. Would any of the boots I listed be in that list?

2) Do Lange & Roxy run a size smaller than other manufacturers?

Thanks again
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