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Do I need new boots?

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I hope you guys can help me with some unbiased advice.

I bought my current ski boots (Salomon Evolution something, I think 7) at the end of 2001. I added new fitted insoles in 2003. In total I've skied about 110 days in these boots over the last 6 years.

Once I got out the habit of skiing in the back seat and bruising my big toe they got to be really comfortable. However, the last two weeks I skiied

- One, last April (very warm) - both boots, but particularly the right, felt loose - more so as the day went on until I had all the buckles done up to the maximum and still felt my feet were coming out of the boots when we skied any bumps.

- the second, last December (slightly chilly) - the left boot felt just generally uncomfortable all day and both feet, but particularly the left, tended to go numb.

So, two questions

1. Do I need new boots, or someone to look at the current boots, or should I just try to improve my ski technique it's not the boots that are the problem?

2. There's a shop in London (England) called Profeet that advertises a lengthly ski-boot fitting consultation for which they charge £119 (about $250). If I do need new boots, is this worth paying for?

I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I started skiing in 2000 and am now probably a 'decent intermediate' skier - the last ski instructor said I was better than most English holiday-makers but that is not really a great compliment - I can tell I'm in a totally different class from the experts.

(p.s. this isn't really my first post, I used to post sometimes as Frances but I've forgotten both the password and the email address I used to use)
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On average it is thought that a stock liner will last 100 to 150 skier days. You are at that place.

You also have improved and are planning on improving in the future. This is another reason to consider new boots.

As far as paying $ for a good fit..... You probably will not get a negative response from any of the professional fitters that are out on this forum.

Contact CEM through this forum he is in the UK and can help you figure out what to do.
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get new boots, liners are packed out and I bet they are too big anyways.

either talk to CEM or get the boots on your next holiday so they can be fitting as you are skiing them. Search around here for a list of fitters and plan a holiday with that in mind?
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Thanks for the replies. It's reassuring to have people tell me I need new boots who are not standing in the shop eyeing up my credit card at the time.

Time to go shopping!
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