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Butt Flap Belt - Where Can I Get One

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Just returned from attending Taos Ski Valley Ski Week ... awesome opportunity ... a good number of skiers wore what I would call "butt flap belts". Designed to keep your seat dry when sitting on snowy/frosted lifts. Anybody know where I could purchase one?
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The flap style are better in wet precip because they don't trap moisture draining off the top of the thigh and then give it a chance to permeate your DWR trouser seat while pressurised by your bottom. Mine is by RC sports, called a 'Cheek Chum':


The split-leg thigh-strap style like KevinF posted are better in powder snow because they don't scour the top of the pow and then either present a clump of pressed snow or a folded-over lump to sit on when the chair comes in, requiring a third hand to clear everything.
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Here's my version of HotBuns: Waterproof/breathable racer training shorts. Keeps the tops of the thighs as dry as the bottom, no gap in the crotch like HotBuns and you don't have to deal with velcro leg straps that keep coming undone.http://www.justgear.com/winter/produ...N___RACE-1.asp
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One thing you might want to keep in mind is the LENGTH of the flap. I had a neoprene one first, which was really nice and waterproof, but hard to wrap around my butt as I sat on the chair and DID NOT extend to the backs of my knees when seated. So...dry butt, wet legs...

The newer one I have is not as waterproof, it seems to be just nylon fabric encasing foam of some sort, BUT it is nice and long and keeps everything touching the chair pretty dry in most conditions. I've skied in the rain, tho, in non-waterproof pants and it wasn't a lot of help.
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In the PNW on the wet days when I had to be out there, I wore the plastic underwear made for adult diaper users. I found those to work quite well and nobody has to know that you are using them under your ski pants. Just grin when everybody else complain as to how they are soaked to the skin.
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Takecontrol618, perhaps not the ideal username to undertake a segue away from an adult diaper post.
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Some snow boarder pants have synthetic wool padding and extra water proof insulation in the butt area. I think Burton makes it.
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this may or may not work. it's better for snowboarders....
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I have the flap style like "comprex" which I purchased at Big Mountain in Montana about six years ago. They might look a little wierd, but on a day when the chairlift is wet and cold, I don't care HOW I look and it keeps my butt warm and dry. They are attached to a belt so you can take them off and roll them up when you don't need them. They fit nicely in a backpack or locker.
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I recomend you look between the boot glove and the ski tote in your local big box athletic equipment store.
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