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Local man dies at Steamboat

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I haven't seen anything on this (and it may even be inbounds, but figured I'd post here).

A guy from my hometown died recently at or just outside Steamboat. Apparently a tree well incident on a snowboard. +++vibes to friends and family!

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- A 22-year-old snowboarder from Massachusetts who died at Steamboat Ski Area in Colroado may have suffocated after falling head first into a tree well, Routt County Coroner Rob Ryg said.
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According to the Summit Daily news, it was an inbounds trail and was pulled out by friends after 15 minutes but suffocated to death. This the second inbounds fatality due to treewells at Steamboat in less than a week.

Be careful.
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When was the first one? I only heard about this guy from Mass.
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turns out my neighbor played football with him in school ... sad story.
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Thoughts go out to his friends. Sad, really sad.
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