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Eastern Trail Sign Quiz

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While we were at Stowe, there was a little quiz in the Ski Museum. Correctly identify the ski area these signs were from for a gift at the counter. While I'm not interested in a gift, I am curious to see where these came from. (I suppose they are all from Stowe! [img]redface.gif[/img] )

Sign A is North Slope (I think this is from Stowe.)
Sign B is Little Cub
Sign C is Glade

Sign D is Skibowl

Sign E is Conclusion
Sign F is Liftline (also from Stowe?)

Sign G is Deer Run
Sign H is Suntanner
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conclusion is from killington

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now they have it marked as a double black diamond
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Dang it, conclusion was the only one I knew...
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I'm thinking Little Cub and Suntanner are from Stratton. Liftline and North Slope from Stowe (North Sope is blue now). Glade is from MRG?
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Ski Bowl -- Underhill or Hunter.
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Ski Bowl, from Middlebury
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Conclusion is def. from killington. Suntanner and little cub are from stratton. North Slope and liftline(guessing) are from stowe. Glade(also guessing) is from mrg. And Deer Run(i would guess) is from mount snow.

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Liftline could also be from Sugarbush -it's a double black. Is the same true of Liftline at Stowe?
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Say, how is the Vermont Ski Museum in Stowe?
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Deer run sounded so familiar to me. I looked it up and it is at Wisp in McHenry MD! I know, I know I cheated,lol. But I deff knew it sounded familiar!
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Deer Run is Mt Snow's long green run.
I poked my head in the ski museum yesterday, intending to look. As I went past the counter, the lady said "entry by donation". I wondered, why not just take money as admission then and became unaccountably irritated by it all and left.
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Deer Run at wisp is a blue square and if you look at the sign it is a green circle. I would be almost positive that it is the one from mt. snow. Anybody know for sure?
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You're right. I looked at the sign again and saw the green circle. I must have missed it the first time around. There is a deer trail at Wisp, but as you said it is blue, not green. As for Mt. Snow, I am not sure. I have never been there.
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Deer Run is possibly from Jay Peak. The trail is there and the sign is the style hey were using 10 -15 years ago.
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I thought the museum was interesting, and we saw many cool old things. I was there, after all.

We didn't donate anything, ant, but we did buy a board game called Fresh Trax, and there was a mention (on one of the cards used to play it) about "Epic Turns". It was also made by NSM Resources Corp, Tahoe City, CA.

Very suspicious indeed!
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That lady annoyed me. If it's by donation, then it's voluntary. I would've put some money in, but when they set a set rate, and have someone demanding the money, then it's not a bloody donation, it's an admission fee! So why not just say that and be honest about it!
Damn silly. I guess I'll never see the ski museum.
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There's also a Deer Run at Blue Knob, but it's a blue. I'm so bad with names it's amazing I remember who I am sometimes :
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If you don't want to donate and she hounds you, walk over to the box, be sure your back is to her, and look as if you are putting money into it. There is a suggested donation, but it is not a MANDITORY one as I understand. If they charged admission wouldn't they lose their status as a non-profit? Maybe that's why it is a suggested donation and then she hounds people.

It couldn't have been the same person that was there when we were there last Sunday, she did not pressure us for a donation. In fact, she didn't even mention it.
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I hate stuff like that, it's such a wank! And I was broke...because i was on my way to the bank to get some dough. So I turned around, got my pack, and left. I was wearing a psia vest, too.
And she annoyed me.
Suggested donation, blardy hell.

Deer Run is GREEN and it's at Mount Snow! graagh! God knows I've wedged my way down it with a line of kids streaming away behind me...
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Since this is the Vermont Ski Museum I would say that all are from Vermont. Here are my guesses

A. North slope Stowe
B. Little Cub - definately Stratton red diamond indicates this.
C. Glade- MRG
D. Ski Bowl- Middlebury (but not a trail sign)
E. Conclusion- Killington
F. Liftline - Sugarbush or Magic
G. Deer Run - Mt. Snow, but Timber Ridge had a green Deer Run
H. Suntanner (lift sign) - Stratton
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erm, Stowe's Liftline is allegedly a double black (must be due to that bit at the very top under the quad).
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I think that Magic's is too! I don't have a clear trail map to look at.
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Middlebury is the Snow Bowl, not Ski Bowl. That's why I think it's Underhill or Hunter (that's Hunter's official name). Underhill can be found on the Nelsap (New England Lost Ski Area) site. Had a total of 145 vert.
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