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Fischer Soma-stance boots in bumps?

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I'm in the market for new boots - probably will get Salomon Impact 10s, but a shop was pushing Fischers instead. With the Fischers on and rocking side to side, the boots would roll like a normal boot and then QUICKLY jump up to a steep angle. I can see the possibility of a benefit to this in steeps/icy slopes but wondering if the hyper-turning capability would make them jumpy in bumps. Fit was not an issue. Before I plunk down big $$$, I'd appreciate comments from folks who've skied with the toes-out stance boots.

Background: I'm 52 y.o., 145 pounds, skiing for 40 years, mostly ski the east. I'm slightly bow-legged, but have worked out to build up muscles to compensate.

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I have skied the SOMA stance Fischer's and ski with skiers that use the boot like Chris Fellows, National PSIA Demo Team member, and Kemp Dowdy, Far West PSIA Demo Team member.

I have also had the experience of boot testing for Ski Magizine. This experience allowed me to ski the abducted stance boots against all of the other boots in the test. They stand out in quickness and edge turn over. You can get the ski edge engaged higher in the turn. Better turn shape can be created by these boots. Call me crazy but those might be considered good attributes for mogul skiing.

I currently ski on the Doberman 150 Aggressor and love the benefits of the abducted stance. There is nothing about my anatomy, or my skiing style, or my personal choice of where I ski on the mountain, or any drunken bar discussions I have heard from industry experts, that would lead me to an abducted stance boot. All I did was go skiing on them and a light bulb went off in my otherwise dim head.

The boot works. The science is sound. The concept is real. Why would 2 of the biggest worldwide ski brands bet their future on this concept. Both Nordica and Fischer have won over fans with abducted stance boots. Fischer's entire boot line features the SOMA stance. Based on the success of the Aggressor 150, 130,& 100 models, Nordica is expanding the abducted concept further down in their line for next year to help intermediate skiers improve their ski experience.

Will it work for you? That can not be answered on a forum or in a ski shop. You have to put down the big $$$ and go ski on it to answer that question.

We could get into a long theoretical discussion about who abducted stance boots are supposed to work for. And someone will have to ask "well how come the World Cup racers still use straight lasted boots?" And after all that stuff is hashed out on this forum, you will just have to try it for yourself by skiing.

I have the same harsh reaction when still asked after 12 years whether those parabolic shaped skis are better then my straight ones.
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