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If anyone will be out there at that time and needs a place to crash, let me know. We have one opening and might be able to accomidate 2. You'll most likely get the floor, but we can get an infateable matress. It's cheaper than a hotel. Here's the deal- My buddy who paid can't go now. He's down $320. I told him that I can try to reinburse him some dough. I guess $30 a night. If you're interested, PM me. We'll be at Pinnacle highland. It's close to BCC. We Have a Minivan rented and are spontaneous as to where we're going. It might be better if you have your own transportation or use the UTA, but If you wanted to come with us, that's fine also. ttyl, Aceman

The place includes Hot tub, Pool, Washer/dryer, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen.