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Race MA

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Kinda a drag race on top that night. There is another pitch after the flat that was a bit more technical.

Not that much to see. I am the guy on the left. Normal speed then slo mo. Need to tighten my line.

11 HCP. I avg a little better. :


All comments welcome and appreciated.
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Looks pritty good to me and hey, you are well ahead so no need for tighter line. Play it safe. Nice tuck. Good arcing. Hips nicely into the turn.
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Thanks TDK. Even tho dual format, still really racing against the clock.

Sometimes I have the foresight or fortune to line up against someone who is a better match. I personally like this as it drives the chase a little faster. Other guys/gals will give the other racer a head start so the person skiing 5' away from you does not mess up your line / head.
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An improvement possibility may be available, especially on the turns to the left. Note how the inside ski isn't tipping to match the angle of the outside ski. Note its location under the CoM.
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Ya not bad......but here are some Golden Rules for you. There is easily a tenth to be made up here.

Rule #1: Minimise snow resistance.
Rule #2: Minimise distance travelled.
Rule #3: Minimise air resistance.

Follow them in that order....the practical application of this for you is, dont be afraid to get out of that tuck! It totally killed you on that first big turn that you see...ie where you skid and you get wide.

If you had broken your tuck, it would have aided in your ability to get long and to extend more into the fall-line. This would have given you more pressure on your skis earlier, and greater edge angles...thus snow resistance would be less (ie less skid), distance was shorter (tighter line)....you didnt minimise air resistance...but that is irrellevant...as you need to follow the golden rules in order....

The order is crucial....always leave your tuck if it will improve your ski performance.....always choose your line to be smooth...ie minimise snow resistance....only tuck when you can still meet the above 2 rules...in this case that is most of the run for sure....but not ALL of the run.
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