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Arch pain of doom.

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Hey everyone, ive been trolling these forums forever but i have a question that is killing me...or maybe its killing my feet.

first off im 6'4 prolly closer to 340...ive never seen a skiier as big as me..haha

As ive been reading here i went to a boot fitter to figure out what to do with my enormous calves and feet, we ended up going with an 08' Technica Vento 8, When i put my foot inside its the first boot that didnt immediately hurt, and it fits around my ankles perfectly. So i got them heat molded, and set out to a local place before i head to jackson hole first week of February.

My arches have never hurt so bad in my entire life, i mean absolutely i thought i broke my foot or something, near tears. I went to the pro there and he suggested some thicker footbed's to snug my foot up and shorten it. Is there anywhere i can get some online? are there any other options? i dont think the boot tech in Carmel Indiana is set up to make custom anythings. Im kinda getting desperate, and might have to go back to rentals whilst im out there.

Rentals have never hurt my feet at all, but usually i would get 3 sizes too large, 31 or 32, the tech brought me down to the proper size.

anyways last question, my little toe on both feet is falling asleep...i just dont know what i can do.

thanks for any help i really appreciate it
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arch pain is better or worse when ...

1) skiing, standing, or legs unweighted on a chairlift

2) toe buckles tighter or looser?

3) socks are thinner or thicker?

4) with or without the footbeds in the boots? (did you get a different footbed then what came with the boots?)
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Arch pain is way worse when just standing, but is still bad when skiing actually still hurt on the lift going up, but not as bad,
toe buckles as loose as they go
socks are thin merino wool ski socks
i got a thicker footbed from the tech at Perfect North

thanks so much
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Does the thicker footbed have an arch built in?


Is it completely flat, just thicker?
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On second thought....

In Jackson Hole there is a guy named Larry Hartenstein. He works at Jackson Hole Sports in the Village. He has been fitting boots since the 70's. I met him at a Masterfit Dark Arts Course in Breckenridge. Thats a training class for bootfitters that are at the top of their game.

What a coincience you are going there, and he is there. Another funny coincidence is that he is a bootfitter right at the base of the mountain you are going to ski at. He can help you have a great ski experience.
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I'm only guessing here, but I'll say the footbed at this point will make things worse. Sounds to me as if there is already too much arch pressure and that you need extra room in that area.

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