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falling back in boots

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have a pair of last years Salomon x waves - had them fitted , blown in a couple of places and specialist footbeds inserted.

Boots seem to be fine except when i get tired late in the afternoon.Then i seem to be in the back of the boot and have trouble getting forward .Now i think this could be technique when i'm tired - but i am wondering if i have the boots too loose on the top buckles thus letting me move too much in them when i'm tired? should i try with tightening up the top two buckles around the shin ? could this help keep me forward or do i just need to get fitter !
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When you're tired-get off the mountain. You're exhaustion plus lack of control can be dangerous to yourself and others.
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keir, It is difficult to say without seeing you but your fore/aft alignment could be off a bit? If you are misaligned it can cause leg fatigue much sooner.
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try the buckles tighter and see?

also have you removed the rear spoiler in the boot? that can push the lower leg forward, making you sit back even more, and make the quads feel worse.

if that doesn't help, get off the mountain. you are not safe. Have a beer, you had a good day
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i would remove the rear spoiler as Bud says and if that is a bit better but not all the way there have the fore aft balance checked
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don't worry guys i never stay on the mountain when too tired to ski - that way lies serious injury. i was just trying to think of the conditions when this may happen - bit more tired in the afternoon , tend to not work so hard on technique and probably lean back a bit more. It just i didn't feel the sensation with my Nordica's that i had before these

i will try to tighten the top buckle and have the fore aft balance checked . have removed the spoiler.

thanks for the advice
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