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Shin ache?

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Ok, so my shins aren't bruised, and out of my ski boots i can push and poke them with no pain or issue at all - everything looks normal. From what I can tell, shin bang is when the shin bruises, and a result of landing backseat or something, so this isn't shin bang?

When I put my ski boots on, it gives me a pronounced ache feeling at the top of the cuff of my boot. I've tried with the stock power straps, with nothing, with boosters inside the shell and on the outside of the shell. No difference noticed.

I'm wondering if this is actually a boot issue or something wrong with my shins? I've been skiing 5+ days a week since the start of the season, a days rest seems to make no odds.

Any ideas?

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is the ache on the

1)front of the boot (tongue)

2) or one of the sides?

1) maybe add more foam to the top of the boot
2) upper cuff alignment
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front, tounge.

Random thought - They're Nordica Speedmachine 8's (100flex), and I'm 220lbs/6'4. Is it possible that I'm flexing them too easily when skiing fast/hard and straining on my shins as they reach the furthest they can flex?
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dave, it sounds a like you may be correct, with your weight and leverage you may well be over flexing them, you could try putting a driver plate into the front of the boot to stiffen things up a bit and see if that releives the pressure
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Still having trouble with this - went to see the fitters here who I've got a lot of faith in (and they have a great rep too), got asked to try warming up the shin muscle and exercising it this week to see if that helps.

I've tried to isolate the problem a bit more since I posted - the aching happens more the harder I ski, and is exaggerated when I crank down a buckle when skiing harder too (I think... hard to say when it's already worse when I'm skiing harder/faster). The ache is pretty much at the top buckle. Booster straps haven't helped the aching, but they're pretty awesome as a product.

Anyone have any other thoughts on what it could be? Gonna try exercising the shin muscle this week to see if that helps, if it doesn't then I'm gonna get the boot stiffened up to see if that helps.

Cheers guys,
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Just to update this - been to the physio twice now and got a bit of a better understanding of what's going on.

It's not shinbang, or shin splints - it's the outside two shin muscles. They're thickened and irritated at my ankle and the pain from that is felt higher in the shin.

What I'm not sure about is the cause - the symptoms are apparently similar to a twisted ankle, but it's in both ankles. I did have a pretty bad twist on my right ankle about six weeks ago, but the left has been fine.

From talking to my physio, potential causes are:
  • Overcranking bottom cuff buckle without having upper cuff as tight - difference in pressure is putting strain on the muscles. I'm tightening the lower buckle to keep my heel in the heel pocket as otherwise I get heel lift.
  • Shell not pivoting in the correct place - ankle flexing below where boot is pivoting so causing strain
  • Overflexing the boot (as I guessed earlier and CEM agreed could be a cause)
I was recommended Intuition liners to improve cushioning and heel hold. However, I'm wondering if #2 and #3 are the issue that my shell is at fault.

So, I'm thinking my options are either a new liner and hope this fixes it, or a new boot. Am I missing any options or potential causes?
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what is the shell fit like? are the boots too big for you?
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Shell has been stretched for outside balls of my feet, which occasionally burn if I crank down too hard straight away - so I think the shell is good at the front of my foot, not too big anyway. Behind my ankle w/ toes just touching front of boot i have 1.5-2cm room. A few good fitters have seen the boots and not mentioned sizing being wrong, so I'm reasonably confident it's not that I'm swimming in them, though I was considering dropping a mondo size if I do have to go for new boots anyway...

I'm hoping that it's just that the liners are packed and I'm having to overcrank to keep my heel in place when skiing harder stuff due to that - just ordered some power wraps to see if that fixes it.
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15-20mm is on the big side of lenght, plus that fact that you have to over crank the buckle

both of this makes me think that the boots are too big. As a boot gets bigger the flex point/hinge point is also too big and too far forward and too high.

maybe a smaller size = better flex, and looser buckles = better fit = less pain.
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Sounds like I might have a size too large Intution arriving tomorrow then I'm hoping they fill up some volume (was recommended a size 30 for my 29.5 boot by Alison via the group buy). I think having no money might dictate that new boots are for next season though. Thanks for the advice bro.
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