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Cost to demo?

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Despite the oft-repeated advice to "demo, demo, demo".... I can't recall seeing anyone mention what it costs. Search didn't unearth an answer, so I'll just ask:

What's the going rate to demo skis... per hour, per day, however it works? If you want to get specific... Bozeman, Montana... but I'd be happy for average ballpark. Thanks!
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Locally in Michigan it's $35 to $50 a day to demo as many skis in a day as you want. You could demo one ski for the day or a different one every hour. The fee is deducted from a purchase price if you buy.
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Go to the area's site or google ski rentals in Bozeman, MO.
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Here's one example thanks to Google...
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Locally here in PA it was $40 for me to demo 3 pairs last season. $40 was deducted from the ski price if I bought something from the shop within a month of the demo.

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$35-40 adds up. The other dirty little secrets about demoing are that a) you often can't find the skis you want in the length you need unless you go to a number of different shops, which means more like a benjamin or two, and b) the skis will have demo bindings and probably not be in great tune. You may be left wondering if your Blazer XX 900 Race can hold on ice even after the ride.

So demoing is a lot like wandering the stacks in a library looking for a book. You may discover another treasure in its place, but it's not the most efficient way to go. Try to narrow your search to two or three skis, see if you can locate one shop that handles all or most.
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Back in the old old days Reps would occasionally have promotions where you could "Demo" free. Hence the term "demonstration" like promotion. Problem is you had to be in the right place at the right time. I think they still do that but you hve to be very in touch to know where and when. The "demos" that we now use is really more of a rental of a higher end product isn't it?
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in CO away from the resorts (front range), demos are cheapest at 30 (Boulder) up to about 50...i have now demoed (spelling???) too many skis. I have norrowed it down so that I only have three left to choose from and am willing to demo twice more. (PE, mojo90, karma... all mt. mogul friendly ski)
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In VT most shops will charge $35.00 for each demo, for the day. The cost of two demo's will be taken of the purchase price.

If you come to Okemo on Mar 8th 08 this is a free demo day put on by Mary Davis Realty. They have up to 8 or 9 manufacture's with next years skis, for free. The catch is some people think they can keep the ski for the whole day, they ask that you make 1 or 2 runs and return it so someone else can demo it. Some _holes miss that point.
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Thanks to those who replied. These reference points are just what I wanted.
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Call up the ski area(s) you want to demo at and find out when their free demo day is being held. Or, find out who the reps are for the skis that you're looking for.
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After 2 seasons of demoing I found that the price was in the range of $25 - $60 depending on where you were demoing.

The most efficient way to demo is to have a short list of the skis you wish to try and then locate the shops that have them.

Another good thing to do is find shops that are either in a resort town or on the mountain that do a multi-demo. This means you pay them anywhere from $35-60 and get to demo as many pairs of skis as you can in a day. Places like Northstar in Tahoe and Beaver Creek in Colo have on mountain shops that offer this service.

The biggest downside to demoing skis away from the mountain is that you are stuck with 1 pair. So if they aren't to your liking you're screwed. A lot of times if you demo up at the mountain and get out on a pair of skis and don't like 'em you can take 'em back and trade 'em in for something else.

Another thing to do is to contact the ski companies to see when their demo days are. Most companies still host demo days, they just don't seem to advertise them as much on their websites any more.

I have been at resorts where Rossi had demos and all you had to do was fill out a release, leave them your driver's license and you were good to go.

Additionally, a lot of the small companies (PM Gear, Moment, Prior, Icelantic, Fatypus, etc) will host numerous demo days in their given regions. Check with them via their websites to see if/when they are demoing.
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Well here in Nova Scotia it is a bit less formal and a lot less costly.

Contact your shop and ask when demo days are and ask if there are demos located at your local hill.

The Head demos we have available are free on demo days and you ski them about one hour and then return and try another pair. Is the same for Rossi, Atomic and Salomon.

In addition the shop at our local hill has a number of demos available. They typically ask only ID and allow the skier to use the demos at NO CHARGE. The shops in town have less demos but are also quite generous to regular customers.

Finally we have a few on hill reps that the shops can identify to you. I have as many as 10 pair of HEAD skis at any one time and typically loan them out for the morning or afternoon or loan them to the shops. We also have a rep for Elan who will do the same if contacted and an on hill presence for Salomon.

I typically do not loan demos that have not been recently tuned. My rule is no more than 4 days on any ski before a tune and these are usually light duty days. This is the reason that I am usually tuning 6 - 8 pairs of skis per week (last week 11 pair) and need to do a decent tune job in as short a time as possible.

How on Earth can you sell someone on a ski if it is not tuned?

One other point. We have found that there is much less benefit to demo low end skis than high end skis. The high end buyer is usually far more discerning on what product the big dollars are spent on and the low end buyer just wants a pair of skis with price being the main consideration.

My rule of thumb is that if I get demos on someone's feet they are then going to look around and buy whatever ski feels best. Even if not a HEAD ski it does not matter - once you start looking you are likely going to buy something and I have done my job.

Just for interest when we ordered this year we picked skis that work locally. IM78 & IM82. Xenon 8 & 10 in 163 & 170. XRC 1100 SW and a pair of XRC 600. iSL SW in 156 & 165 as well as iSL RD 165 and iGS RD 183 & 188 (for the racers obviously). One pair Jon Olson Mojo, SS, SS Magnum in 163 & 170. SS Chip in 170. Power One in 156, Every One in 151 and I think a couple of others. Choice of sizes is limited as ordering of next year demos & samples is done this time of year and the pre production runs at the factories have limited choices of size, etc... We also have a 105 width skis because one of our reps wanted that ski.

Just for interest ...

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