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Adjusting Bindgings Myself?

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I just got a pair of new boots that actually fit and as one might guess, are smaller. Is there any reason not to adjust my bindings (Marker Dukes) myself?
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If you know what you're doing as far as setting forward pressure and possibly an increase in DIN (for smaller boots) then go for it. If you have to ask how to do those things, then bring them to a shop! It should be an easy decision to make.
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the main reason not to adjust your bindings yourself is that it gives the manufacturer a defense if you decide to sue them if you are injured as a result of defective bindings. also you can't be sure the bindings are within specs without a release check. probably not an issue with brand new bindings, but you can't be absolutely sure.
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Reasons to bring to a shop, in the order of importance I (anyway) give to them:

1 - Make sure it's correctly adjusted, if it's not clear how to do so.

2 - Release check to ensure the boot lugs don't throw the system out of spec, if the boots are used or have had some work done that you're not entirely confident about.

3 - Release check to ensure used binding hasn't gone out of spec due to wear/dirt/whatever -- but, if this is your reason, you shouldn't do it when you get new boots or new bindings, but periodically (such as at the beginning of every season).

4 - Release check to ensure new binding didn't leave the manufacturer out of spec, if you're worried about that.

5 - Preserve cause of action against manufacturer, which you should really only have if the binding left the manufacturer out of spec, so this is just a repeat of 4.

6 - Create cause of action against shop in the unlikely event they misadjust the binding, though hoping to create an injury in order to sue for it is ordinarily not considered highly advisable.
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Or another way to justify spending a few bucks to have it done by the Pro's.

Think of it as a co-pay at the ER.

Which would you rather spend the money on...? the shop or the ER

Hey may be the Nurse will be cute, may be it will be worth it...
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