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Drove up to Mammoth the afternoon of the 23 rd after my meeting in LA was over. Weather forecast called for heavy snow. I rented a 4wd this time so I could get by if the chain laws were in effect. Being from Pa. I 'm still ignorant how this works . Went to FootLoose sports and had SuperFeet corks made fro my new boots. Corty Lawerence was going home so I didn't get him to do the beds. Had a guy that was a certified pedorthist and he sure seemed competent. They told me they do about 4,000 Corks a year. People always waiting for boot work.

Next morning on the hill they reported 5 inches but it sure seemed like alot more. Upper mountain closed all day due to avalanche concerns. Snow was a little heavy in spots but still very very good. Visibility was terrible . Like skiing in a milk bottle. Tried to ski over on the new lift (replaced 9) thinking the trees would diminish the wind. They never opened that lift. I really don't know the mountain that well, or well at all so I probably missed the best skiing to be had. I left my fat skis at home because Howard Scheter on his website was down grading the snow accumulations. Big mistake on my part as a fatter ski would have been ideal.

Winter storm warnings were in effect through Sunday with heavy snow and wind being predicted. I had a 10 PM flight Fridaya night out of Ontario Airport with teh plan to ski till 1-2 PM then drive back down. This is where I became a real"wimp". Reports on the news were the Rt 5 just north of LA was closed with a couple hundred stranded people. To get to Ontario I travel on 15 from 395, but I'm thinking I still have that 4,200 ft. pass to go over and what if they close that. Plus didn't know what to expect on 395 down to Bishop. Chickened out and didn't ski on the 25th because I just didn't know what to expect with the roads. Left Mammoth at 8 AM drove down to Ontario without incident everything very passable. 19 hr travel day back to Pittsburgh.

Sure hope I like the Korks! So much for listening to the weatherman, but I have alot of respect for what can happen very quickly out there with the weather and decided to err on the side of caution