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Take my ski survey pleeeease

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Well I've decided on a project idea, and I just need to start surveying every skier I can find to get feedback. (If you dont want to read, skip to the survey at the bottom)

I deliberated over all the ideas you guys posted, talked to ski teams and shops, and other message boards. Ideas were: better way to carry skis to lodge, heated butt pads for the lifts, a trail map that you can pull out of your ski pole(similar to pulling down the projector screen in classrooms, unfortunatelly another group tackled this a few years ago), ski homing device when you lose it, etc.

For our problem we decided to address skier injuries. Started as broad as that, then began brainstorming injuries. Our first was skiers thumb, so we diagramed solutions, ran patent searches, researched injuries, and what we came up was a market that already exists, most pole companies try to address this problem.

Back to the drawing board, back to other injuries. The next problem we looked at was knee injuries. Not many ways this problem can be solved in 7 weeks, so we decided to stay away from redesigning the bindings. Then, our group realized what a pain it is when snow clumps to your sole and you cant click in, or you click in and prerelease, which can lead to said knee injuries.

Fantastic, we got a problem, now its time to find a solution. Here is a survey that would be immensly helpful if you guys could take the few minutes to answer it. Just reply with the question number and the corresponding answer please.
Much appreciated,

1. How big of a problem is snow clumping on the bottom of your ski boots when you walk?

smaller larger
1 2 3 4 5

2. Do you think that snow buildup increases, decreases, or is not affected by amount of time you walk in boots?

increases decreases not affected

3. Does buildup occur more often after your ski boots are warm from being inside or after a long session in the cold?

warm from inside cold from skiing

4. Has snow buildup lead to problems with entry into your bindings?

yes no

5. Has the snow buildup lead to the premature release of your bindings?

yes no

6. Do you feel that the snow in the bindings themselves is more of a concern?

yes no

7. Is the snow on the boot soles a problem when walking inside lodges?

yes no
If Yes, in what ways? (wet floors, stability, damp clothing, etc)

8. What ways does snow buildup on boots bother you outside? (Ease of use, speed of ski entry, hassle, annoyance, etc)

9. How do you currently deal with the snow buildup on the bottom of your boots?

10. What needs to be improved in these methods?

11. Do you want something that stops snow from building up on your soles or removes it easily?

yes no

12. Would you prefer this device to be a part of your existing ski boot or an attachment?

part of boot attachment

13. Are there any other problems with ski equipment on the market you would like to see addressed?
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Why don't you put this into a survey, then you will have the results tabulated for you by percentage? There is a button near the one to start a new topic at the top of the page.
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skierteach, I think the guy is busting our chops. Really.
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No...Im serious about the survey
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Hey CantDog, here are two more suggestions for you ...

#1 - There are probably around 100 new threads on this forum every day. Without reading each and every one of these threads, a lot of people will never realize that a new thread titled, "Take my ski survey pleeze" has anything whatsoever to do with a thread titled, "Problems with skiing". The only thing that hints that they are related is your name.

Because of this, you effectively left the people that responded to you in the old thread "hanging" (ie, without so much as a single response, a thank-you, or anything else). I suggest that in the future, when you start a new, but related thread, (eg, like this one) you first thank the people that responded, tie up any other loose ends in the old thread, and then post a link to your new thread in the old thread.

If only for the self-serving reason of insuring future cooperation from a particular group of people, a courteous reply is always a good intermediate step before asking people to once again spend time and effort on your behalf (as you effectively are doing in this thread).

Not following up when you ask for help from others is also probably one of the reasons Oboe suspects you as not being sincere. However, from the corresponding thread on Powder, I don't think this is the case.

#2 - In neither the Epic nor Powder threads did even one single person ever suggest to you that snow sticking to boot bottoms is a problem, but yet you (or your group) decided to focus on this issue. I obviously don't know what other input you had, but I would suggest that between Powder and Epic, you had access to a *lot* of talent and knowledge, and the fact that no one person on either forum ever suggested this as a problem should be a red flag to you.

I think you are you skipping an important step, and thereby making the same error that a lot of companies do in selecting products for research and/or development - thinking your own ideas are best, and not listening to your customers (or focus group). Instead of jumping right into a survey about boot-bottom-snow, I think that your next appropriate step should have been to get the feedback of the group on which of the problems suggested (ie, by your quasi focus groups AND by your own thought processes) is the most important, which could be attacked within the stated time and budget, etc. THEN, you could procede with the type of survey in this thread with confidence and in even more depth.

Good luck in your endeavours.

Tom / PM

PS - Don't get me wrong, its not that I think boot-bottom-snow is a particularly bad choice of problem, it just that in my class, I would probably take 5-10 points off for not following good procedure (or explaining what you did) to arrive at this particular intermediate step in your project, and another couple of points for "poor management skills" (ie, the Miss Manners issue).

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