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Stockli Stormrider XXL binding question

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I just purchased a new pair of 178 cm Stockli XXL's that I will be using primarily as an all-mountain ski. Since I will be spending a fair amount of time on the groomed I was thinking that binding with some added lift would probably be a good idea. I was considering the Head LD 12 Cyber and the Marker Piston Control 12.0. Does anybody out there have any opinions about these bindings or any other suggestions for something better?

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Marker Duke + AT boots. On the groomed the XXL loves big GS turns. Get it off-piste and its a blast.
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LD = light duty. Fine if thats what you want, i've broken a pair before
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Lucky you! The XXL is perhaps the best ski I've ever been on - Super solid, grippy, light and manuverable . . . . Who could ask for more? :

Why don't you get some plates to mount on? A 9- or 10-mm rise will do you well on the groomers and won't affect your powder skiing in any measureable way.

Let us know how it goes!

PS, if you're really just looking for higher-rise bindings, I've had really fine experiences with these guys (link = Tyrolia Free Flex + 17) (just picked up my second pair of FF+20 and they're solid, solid, solid, all-metal bindings - same as the +17). FF+whatever are raised about 5mm - and I know first-hand that they'll bend to at least 90mm, so the XXL at 80mm will be no problem at all. Anyway, have fun with whatever you choose!!!
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I ski the XL's with FF 14's and a carving plate. Helps on ice, doesn't hurt in crud or chop. Don't recommend the Cyber because it won't transmit enough of your force to a wider ski, and Stockli's definitely don't need a piston damper; they're already the smoothest ski made. Don't really see the point of a AT setup; Stocklis are on the heavy and stiff side, and 80 mm is not particularly wide. You don't need AT just to ski the backside. Think about Freeflexes or higher DIN Sollies...
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It sounds like the consensus is a plate with a Free-Flex racing binding. Any opinions on the Tyrolia/Head Railflex bindings?

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Hi -- I ski the XL in a 174cm with the Marker Piston Control 12.0 and they're phenomenal -- best ski I've ever skied. I think the XXL is a little softer and a little wider, but I can't imagine that it makes enough of a difference that the Markers would feel different on one ski over the other. The Head bindings, I know nothing about. There are my two cents. Hope it helps.

Have fun!
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