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PE or Foil

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Hey guys i am new to this forum, and i've read a few posts concerning the PE's and Foil but I really want your opinion

I'm 170cm tall and weight 60kg, i love skiing, and can ski everywhere. The only skis i've tryied so far were rentals, never bought a ski but i'm about too, and i dont want to get it wrong.
Reds, blacks, 10 years of skiing, started young at the age of 7, and it felt good. These past few years i've been hitting powder bettween trees, some jumps, half pipe and small rails, no tricks yet, just getting on and off trying not to fall. Technique is not perfect, but i manage eheheh

I've been collecting data on the best all round twin tip, and the ones i liked the most were K2 public enemy and Salomon foil.

As i mentioned earlier, i understand this topic is getting old eheheh, but i really need some personal advice on the skis, binding, binding location, and size. About binding and binding location i have no idea! :S and about size i was kinda aimming for 166cm. I know they feel shorter on piste, but i am not that heavy and i like to ski in full control.

Another thing i would like to ask is if anyone knows any good ski shop in czech republic, austria, or germany.... or any european non uk online shop.

Hope you can help me ,
sincerely yours Nuno Rocha
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Foils are poppy and softer, PE's heavier and stiffer. I hated my Foils but I think I overpowered/weighed them at 220lbs/6'4. I think PE's will be a better all mountain ski and Foils better at flippy spinny stuff.

Try ski bilek or sport conrad (google for urls) for cheap skis, or even better, ski bilek's ebay auctions often end cheaper than their site.
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thx man,
Btw anyone has on opinion on atomic twins or punx?
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Foils are a real finesse ski. They are very easy to turn but also very easy to overpower, especially at speed. At your weight you could easily ski the Foil if you ski with a light touch. If you ski fast or tend to muscle your skis you'd be better off with the PE.
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