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Beaver Creek or Vail

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My wife and I will be in Vail in late February. This will be our 3rd trip to Colorado this year. The first trip was a 2 day sojourn to A-basin. We ended up taking a 1/2 day group lesson and it was great. The next trip was to Keystone/Breckenridge with a big group of friends so we did not take any lessons. This maybe my last trip this year and I was wondering if it is worth while to take lessons (group 1 day, group 3 days, private 1/2 or 1 day) and where. I will be going to Beaver Creek 1 or 2 days at the most and the rest of the time will be in Vail. Also does any one know of a really good instructor in either place?
My wife and I are both level 5 to 6 skiers (parallel blues, groomed runs, no moguls, not good in deep powder, terrible in crud, occasional black if groomed). We are looking to perfect our parallel techniques.

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Epic has several Vail pros listed on our Instructor Listing. From the listing you can see the qualifications of the pro and link to their posts (click on the user name) to get a feel for their teaching style and personality.

I can also recommend Gary Lindbergh (level 3 certified).

It's hard to get an unbiased answer from an instructor about the benefits of lessons. Every instructor I know takes lessons (we call them clinics). It's important to take time off from lessons to have time to practice and have fun, but in general the better you get the more fun you'll have. Only you can know when you're ready to start working to move up to the next level of ability. After all, it is your vacation.
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This thread recommends several Beaver Creek pros.
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