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What a Fantastic Day!

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Howdy Folks,

I went up to the Canyons for closing day today. Took the four year old with me, what a hoot!

About three weeks ago I received 19 free passes to the Canyons via my job. I had 13 of them left today (the last day). I used two of them for me and the boy, the rest I played Santa Claus with. I gave them away like candy on Halloween.

I gave away 11 tickets, even though the tickets were only 5 dollars today it still felt good. People were still genuinely thankful for them, free skiing is the best skiing there is.

The boy (Brett), did pretty darn good. By the end of the day he was negotiating the terrain off the High Meadows lift with aplomb. I held his hand down the steeper portion and then let him go to work on the flatter terrain. He had the turning motion pretty much down by the end of the day. I figure time spent with him now will pay dividends down the road.

After skiing was done the real fun began. The Canyons provided a band and FREE barbeque in the base area. We sat on the grass and listened to the band while eating a free lunch/dinner. After eating, Brett played with the many children that were there. I sat in the sun drinking beer and listening to some pretty decent soul/funk music.

All in all it was a pretty spectacular day. Snow, mountains, free eats, and time spent with my boy... Priceless...

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Bob - Glad to hear you had such a great day.

My boy and I did Sunshine today, likely our last day of the season. He's now 13, so that was one big difference. Let's see, what else....

Got stopped on Standish chair, due to the wind. Hanging right in the open, while a 40 mph wind (at least, and I'm not kidding) with higher gusts, blew snow (ice) crystals at me, and sandblasted my face, or what was exposed. After 10 minutes we got moving again. At the top, the inside of my bolle's were full of ice. (I don't wear goggles, but Crono shields that are about 18 years old.)

Visibility was horrible all day long. No light and the blowing snow tensed me up a fair bit, so the knee started to give out early in the afternoon. I'm nowhere near the level of several (most?) Bears, but I did a fair bit of skiing by feel today, and that tooks its toll. I have a weak right knee at the best of time, and a touch of sciatica still on that side, so it was quite a combination.

On the plus side, I got a screaming deal on some Mountain Vipers last week, and today was their first day on the mountain. (Last week at closing day for COP doesn't count.) I love 'em, but a clear day for hitting mach schnell on the groomers will have to wait for next year, unless I can sneak a day at Lake Louise next weekend.

Still, a damn fine day overall, and I'm glad I was there, instead of stuck in town.
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Well with temps at about 70 in Boston, I'm jealous of you both! 'Specially Jimmy! Oh Sunshine, man LOVED that place!
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Lisa - On a bluebird day, it's hard to beat (although Lake Louise is still my favourite).
Today was more like a scrawny california condor day though. Oh well, I was still out on the snow.
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