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Following Ex-World Cuppers

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And I do mean FOLLOWING.

Edie Thys is a former US Ski Team downhiller and is also a contributing writer for Ski magazine. She was on the team at roughly the same time as my business partner, Andy Chambers, who was also a downhiller.

Edie was in Jackson for "research" (tough job!) about an article that will run in Ski next year, so she and Andy made a few turns together. I've skied with Edie a few times in the past, including several years ago when she was about five months pregnant. She's just an incredibly fluid - and FAST - skier.

So anyway, I got invited to go with them this morning. I shouldn't say that I actually skied WITH them, because basically all I did was follow billowing wisps of snow down the hill. It was a real treat, though, to watch them having fun as old teammates.

Here are a few shots. They were playing cat-and-mouse.



Now Andy's in the lead...

Look close. She's right on his tracks...

Very educational stuff for me. I wish I'd had a video camera.

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ROCK STAR Bob Peters ........ you are
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I've had the chance to ski with several ex-world cup racers. The agility, control and power of these folks is amazing. I always learn something new and gain a healthy disrespect for my ability (or lack there of).
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What a FUN treat! I am jealous...

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That would be so cool. Thanks Bob.
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You know, I forget how fortunate I am that now two of the girls' I coach mother is an ex-US Ski Team member. She skis with my team quite frequently as a parent helper and I LOVE watching her ski. She is absolutely incredible (nevermind that she is a perfect parent helper).

Great pics, thanks for posting!
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