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Until you've been there in person, I don't think you can appreciate how good these athletes are. They go huge! I have the utmost respect for all of them. I sure as hell wouldn't do the **** they do!
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I havent seen the event in person, but judging by the proportions I see on TV, these people really are nuts...this includes the SkierX, looks as dangerous if not more so than DH IMHO.
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Anyone know where I can find online video of the skier-x? That stuff was crazy on Sunday. I can't believe people walked away from those crashes...

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the mono skiers were inspiring.
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A 17 year old kiwi , Jossi Wells, got a silver in the slopestyle, you can watch his run here, what amazed me is how relaxed he looks when he is doing it.


This guy started competing against adults in NZ Big mountain comps when he was really young, about 12 or 13, and sometimes beat the adults. All his siblings are into competing as well, their parents home school so they can train during the day. They are not a wealthy by any means, just dedicated.
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