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Dynastar Delight: 08 Contact Limited

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I didn't particularly like the numbered Contact skis in Dynastar's line, but today I got to spend an absolutely delightful hour skiing the Contact Limited with the red/black, red/white cosmetic.

This ski is very responsive, quick from edge to edge and has wonderful edge grip. I skied it on some firm groomed with a light dusting of new and on some very hard man-made that was groomed out for the first time yesterday. Must have still had a lot of moisture in it because with temperatures in the teens, it was really hard. The Contact Limited provided as much grip on that icey stuff as any ski I've tried in similar conditions.

I suspect I wouldn't enjoy this ski so much in softer snow or really cut up stuff because the tip is so quick. But if I were in the market for a hard snow ski, I'd be looking for this one.
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and just to screw things up that ski was the 11 in 06/07 the LTD in 07/08 and next year (08/09) will be the Contact 10...
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Hi Waxman,

The name changes on this ski incredibly misguided.

Try to get the ski in softer snow, you will be amazed. The high taper and cap construction at the tip makes the ski very easy to use in soft snow and crud. The wide tip is less than ideal, but is never an issue for most skiers at moderate to faster speed.

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Hey Kneale how did you get your hands on these skis? Does the Boyne Mountain shop have these to demo?
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barret, you don't have to tell me, tell people higher up than me...

as for soft snow i have 3 or 4 level 3+ CSIA dudes and a couple of friends that use this ski as their every day ski in fernie they only bring their pro riders out for cat skiing and 30+cm days so yes it deos work very well in soft snow
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Sorry, it was too early in the morning for me...
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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Hey Kneale how did you get your hands on these skis? Does the Boyne Mountain shop have these to demo?
They belong to a friend of a friend. The owner broke his shoulder the first day of skiing (while using his "rock" skis, so he hadn't skied the new ones), and he invited the friend to try them. That guy is considering a purchase and wanted my opinion.

Guess I'll have to ask to try them again next time we have some soft stuff.
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I call these my 69 camaro's I got them after watching Michael ski them at BC last year. I bought a pair of c-11's from SierraJim for back east and loved them so much I traded a pair of head 78's for the new LTD's for Steamboat when there is no new stuff to play on. I have skied it in 6" of freshies on a couple of occasions and was blown away by this ski. I reviewed it about a month ago. Often overlooked now, it's an incredible ski. Awesome carver with a lot of energy, pop, great snow feel and awesome in the bumps as well. You just have to wear a gold chain with horns when you ski them!
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This ski is the "frontside" of my 3 ski quiver (+AC4 & Sandstorm). On their second season they have gradually become my most used ski - for anything close to packed conditions. They are very user friendly, high energy, and just a bunch of fun. As a bonus they also handle speed quite well for a tight turner. If my AC4s are Pitbulls, these would be Jack Russell Terriers.

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I have got Contact Limited and everyone sais that are great skis, I do not really know the difference with other because I never tried recent models. After 6 days of use it seem necesary to polish the edges and searching for an apropriate tool I found that side/base edges are 1º/2º respectively!!! The side one is a normal value but the base one is rather bizzarre. As far as I know this one is supposed to be .5º or 1º may be as far as 1.5º, but 2º??? I have read that values over 1º make ski rather instabel in stright course and on the begining and exit of turns.
Could any one check this measures please. My skis are 07/08 model. Thanks
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I don't have great knowledge of edge angles but maybe this will be of value:

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It is supposed to be read base angle first, and then side angle so it is 1 degree base 2 degree side..I would say pretty normal

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Thanks Ryel, I just used that address at Tognar to measure the edge bevel with rather accurate tools and some simple trigonometry to check it for myself and the measures are the ones I posted.

Leex dont bother about the order of angles, I am not very used to english terms and to avoid confusion I first wrote the order: side/base. The way you wrote them would be normal, I agree, but I am very puzzled with the 2º factory base bevel!

Even at the web address given by Ryel there is no example of a base bevel greater then 1º... :

Very strange, if someone has the Contact LTD and could check bevel angles would be of great help.

Thank you all!
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factory: 1 base 2 side: standard......... Polish the edges? depends where and what you are skiing on. If it's hard pack granular, you should debur each day with a gummie or diamond stone. I run a stone oafter each day regardless and brush out the bases. Overkill? yes.....
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Finndog, I think I have not explain me correctly. The measures are not factory one, instead I measured the base angle and the side angle and than post the strange finding, if you prefer it otherway base 2º/side 1º. Base is what I am puzzled of. Dynastar France do not answer my question, but I will send a mail to Ski-Bilek where I bought the ski from (Germany) and ask them if they do any tune before selling following some criteria..

By the way, what do you exactly mean by debur with gummie? Is this a gummie? http://www.toko.ch/toko/katalog.asp?...253383&s id=2
Do you apply it at 45º along the whole length of the ski edge? It is much less abrasive than a diamond stone but dont you think it kills the edges anyway?? :

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I understood, mine are 1 degree base, 2 degree sides; all other sold in the USA are the same. Regarding gummies, yes it looksa lot like a pencil eraser and its much softer and can be used at a 45 degree or flat along the base as well. Its used to smooth out minor nicks and rough spots. It won't kill the edge unless you are looking to shave with your skis
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These are my new everyday skis. They make the usual boring green groomers so much fun again, carving it up. They will handle evrything on the mountain up to about 12" of powder.
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I have a Sun Valley Tuning bevel gauge, you would be surprised how bad factory tunes are! It is very common to find 1.5 - nearly 2 degree base bevels on new ski's right out of the wrapper (even higher end ski's). I even checked my gauge against a dealers lazer gauge and it proves to be accurate.
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