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I'm 21, 6'0'', a solid 200 lbs and basically i've seen no trails in the east that can scare me off. I've got '04 Salomon equipe 3V skis and i've tried couple of carvers and to me, nothings beats them out (alright, maybe those atomic sl 12 ...). I love'em on groomers ice and they do not so bad on less 6 inches of new snow but on more than that, they suck. I'm looking for a second pair that will be super stable on packer snow and powder, give me some ok floatation (i'm only in the east...) and still manage to pull of some turns on the groomers.Being a die-hard fan of salomon, I was looking on some X-Wing Fury's in 184. I was wondering if there would be some other good suggestions (I looked at the nordicas HellCat but they are damn expensive) and i'm not too sure if this would be the right lenght for me.

Thanks, Hellevhisse