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like said. Sunday to Sunday March 16-23rd. want to share a condo near the mouth of the canyons. if you already have a place with extra space- we're more than ready. figure a 3-4 bedroom runs $200-300per night for a place that sleeps 6-8 comfortably. can find some pretty nice places for decent price on craigslist (full kitchen, hot tubs, fireplace) .

beats a cramped hotel/motel off the interstate for $60-80 (then figure in the cost of eating out once a day minimum and you don't save much).

Us- my buddy's a working professional with a dual-masters degree; I am in school for another few months (we're decent, educated stock - not bums/shady folks ). Living in NYC and DC, respectively. best buds of 20 years, and its his first trip out west !! we're 25, respectful/mature. don't party hard, but like some drinks after a day of hard-charging on the hill. that said, getting up early for first chair is always our goal/priority (we don't get drink to the point of drunkeness, but are up for a good time).

let's throw something together! if you already have a place to stay and have extra space for this week- let us know. we don't care if we have to share a bed (friends for 20 years- we're comfortable with ourselves!) or bring a sleep pad and bag and one of us is on the floor. we just want a nice place to come back to that isn't a cramped hotel room.