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SnoH2o, Revelstoke, Whitefish, JH, Teton Pass

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Just got back from a trip around interior BC and then south through Montana and Wyoming. Lot's of driving, some darn good skiing and more driving.

SnoH20: Incredible place. Amazing skiing, great fun with the crew working there and world class food. Unfortunately the avy danger is rather extreme right now, we skied some great terrain but quite a bit of the terrain was deadly so we mostly skied tree lines. Very fun... the occasional WHOOMP! from the snow and shiver through your feet was a bit unnerving but the skiing was great.

Revelstoke: This place has everything it needs to be the The Best Ski Area in the World!!... it just needs a touch more infrastructure. Another couple lifts (already planned) will eliminate much of the sidestepping and traversing that is currently required. Let's see, the best snow on earth? Check. Enormous snowfall totals? Check. Biggest Vertical? Coming Soon. Cliff bands? Check. Tree skiing? Check. Open boundaries and Personal responsibility? Check. It really is about to have it all. Proper pronunciation of the resort name is: Revee (hold hands up and twist wrist as if reving a motorcycle) STOKE!!

Rodger's Pass: Instant death right now... not skied.

Whitefish Resort: Why isn't there a lift to the looker's right side of this mountain? Traversing for 8 minutes after skiing nice terrain for 2 minutes is... not my cup 'o tea. The place has some great terrain, wind issues made many aspects unskiable while I was there so my opinion of the area is probably skewed. There is a ton of fun looking upper intermediate skiing, some short gnarly sections and some great groomers. Oh, and no one appears to be skiing there. If you want an area with something for the whole family and NO crowds this could be the place.

Jackson Hole: It's all been said before. The best ski area in the USofA.

Teton Pass: Wow. I guess this is why people tour. Waist deep blower on a bluebird day with only a ski partner for company. Heli skiing without the heli.

Here are some photo's of the SnoH2o/ Revey portion of the trip:

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Pic # 6 is worth the price of admission by itself. You oughta get that one framed and put it in your office or home. Looks like some wicked terrain.
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I agree with the above. Awesome images. Need to check it out!
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beautiful pics!!!
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Chris (Bez) Bezamat is a pro, you can see why with his photos. It's hard to believe he started off as an accountant for Jackson Hole resort and sort of fell into photography as a career.
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Great Pix, I had to display them for ya;

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]
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I'm almost speechless!

...............Almost but not quite
You are an inspiration!
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awe man!! looks utterly amazing : and ive just taken on a months contract of work in feb.

Is it worth heading out to BC in March?
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This deserved a bump for the Stoke of Revelstoke!!

If this doesn't inspire you to think seriously about this kind of trip, nothing will!
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Unbelievable artistry (both the photos and the skiing).
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