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Gauntlet or Short

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Hey Everyone,
I want to invest in a solid pair of gloves that will last me a long time and perform exceptionally. I am wondering whether I should buy gauntlet style gloves or shorter ones with a neoprene velcro cuff. I ski almost everything I can get my hands on mostly on the east coast. Bumps, trees, powder, ice, crud, and some park.

Short Gloves I'm Considering:
Dakine Cobra
BUrton AK Goretex
Hestra XCR
Hestra Heli
Reusch Hakuba

Gauntlet Gloves I'm Considering:
Marmot Randonnee
Marmot Ultimate
Hestra XCR
Hestra Heli
Burton Goretex

Leaning heavily toward Hestra and assuming the XCR's would be a better bet than the Heli's for the wet East Coast.

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Really depends on personal preference, but your jacket should play a bit of a role in the decision too. If its some big bulky spyder jobby, gauntlets just dont seem to work very well. If its a light shell or something with real thin sleeves, then gauntlets work great.

For what its worth- I've got the regular hestra helis (gauntlets) for two years now and I've only had to switch them out for another pair once due to moisture- they aren't particularly waterproof, but they breathe so damn well that you'll realize just how much a crummy pair of "waterproof" gloves make your hands sweat.. If you're one of those guys who insists on skiing in rain, though, the XCR would definitely be the way to go.
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I have about 40 days on hestra xcr shorts. They are holding up really well, they look the same as they did after about 10 days. They can get a little cold below 15 degrees or so, but its a low bulk glove. They really do breathe, I dont get sweaty hands even in the 40s. They have been waterproof.
I like the short, I wear it under a softshell and also under a hardshell. Its not bulky, sleek design. The cuff extends long enough up my wrist that it stays under my jackets. I think it would work best with a jacket that you can also cinch down the cuff with velcro or whatever, or has an elastic cuff that will stay tight over the glove.
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I have the Hestra XCR Pros, with the gauntlet. Ski a mix of east and west. Bombproof construction, nice attention to detail, highly recommend the gauntlet and Goretex if you ski when it's snowing or raining. OTOH, not a serious cold temp glove; fingers get uncomfortable below 10-15 degrees if you ski fast.
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I have some black diamon gauntlet gloves & prefer gauntlet over shorts because I don't like messing with the cuff all the time.
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618 View Post
Really depends on personal preference, but your jacket should play a bit of a role in the decision too.
Also consider what you'll be doing, if your hands are going to be spending alot of time IN the snow, (ie. deep pow, backcountry, etc.) than a gauntlet will probably create a better barrier between you and the cold, but for resort skiing I generally prefer a smaller, more agile, short cuffed glove that can fit into the sleeve of my coat.
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