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Stratton "contest"

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Anybody having luck with the Stratton "10K", free lift ticket? I've been entering everyday for a long time and no joy. I'm beginning to think I'm "geographically undesirable" due to the fact I live ~1½hrs from Flatton and am an unlikely candidate for them to sell a vacation package to. I smell a rat!!!
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You may not want to hear this, but I "won" on my first try a week ago. Not only that, but I may not even have a chance to use it.
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What are you guys talking about? I don't see anything on their site for a 10k contest. Link??
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No rat. My family has won 4 free tix so far, and I've used mine already. The link is
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Took me a few days of re entering, but I won.
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I won on my 4th try several weeks ago. And I live about 6 hours away so I doubt there's a geographic bias.

My girlfriend had to try about a dozen or so times before finally winning one.
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Haven't yet tried this year (didn't know they were running this contest again), but they had a simlar promotion last year and my wife, daughter, and I all won tickets. I think my daughter won her third try, but it took me something on the order of 20. My wife was somewhere in the middle.
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I took me several weeks but I finally won.
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I'm sticking to my theory.....I don't think I live far enough away; I'm merely one of those dreaded "day-skiers"! As we all know, any resort conglomerate worth it's Brinks Armored Cars will do whatever it can to keep us away . After all, Stratton 'dozed the close-in free parking a few years back to build more kinda-condos.

I choose to spend my hard-earned on Colorado every year and am treated royally. (Bet the corps hate the Denverites though).

I've been at this since December. Wait a minute!!! I just figured it out; I'm a loser.

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I won a ticket on the third try; it took over 2 weeks to win another for my wife. Now it looks like we won't even make it up to VT this season. I was thinking Stratton would have made a good stop on the "way to / pre check-in" or "way home / post check-out" part of a multi-day trip to Sugarbush.
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I just won one today on my 2nd try. I've been thinking about taking the family up for a long weekend anyway.
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Doesn't anybody see the trend here? All of you who have won are from a considerable distance away; the resorts are no longer interested in the day-skier.

To be sure, Capital District skiers pour out of here each weekend to the NY and VT areas. However, we are unlikely to buy the 2-nite minimum stay and frequent the restaurants. I'm on the road @ 6:00 and home by 4:00 and usually eat home. Also, I bring my own lunch because the food prices are just stupid at the resort! I'll bet they pay the same or less for the frozen patties as the diner 20 miles away. The same Cisco truck supplies 'em both.

What really hits home in the last number of years is the disappearance of the day lodge amenities and parking. It's the same thing out West as I've observed when I go to Vail or some other big resort to leave my contribution to their economy, (Beaver Creek is a real challenge). The folks from Denver have to park, (and pay!!), in the boonies and then have to deal with a lack of day-lodges to simple change into their boots. Same as us here!

I guess we don't provide what corporate deems to be enough return by simply purchasing a season pass or single day tickets.

OK, I'm done ranting...I still love the sport, just get annoyed at certain unjustices!: (Getting older and cranky)
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I agree 100% with what you said. They are looking to pull people in for overnight stays. They give away a free lift ticket which costs them nothing and they pull in revenue for a family of 4 or 5 for lodging, eating, and lift tix, rentals etc. It's target marketing. They're still interested in the day skier, but the big fish is the family that will stay multiple nights and spend a wad of cash.
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My brother has a house 5 minutes away, so we ski there at least one weekend every year. There have been times when I paid more for a weekend's worth of lift tickets for three people than it would have cost to stay in one of their properties, lift tickets and breakfast included!

Stratton is a real estate venture first and foremost. For some time now, skiing has been a (at times quite distant) second priority. That said, my brother tells me that owners (even in their own developments - he's not in one) get no break on tickets or passes.
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I have gotten e-mails for some pretty god deals, especially considering that I keep reading here that Stratton caters to wealthy people. I have a few friends that are going up in a couple of weeks and i sent them the link for this contest to see if they can win a free ticket.
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It took me 20 tries to get my ticket. I live in a "rich" town in Fairfield County, CT and I was wondering the opposite: maybe they give out fewer tickets in rich towns because to folks who can afford a ski week, one free ticket doesn't make a difference. Not me though. I'll use it with pleasure and make a 3.5-hour day trip. Somebody said you can park free and close at the Sun Bowl lodge.

Good question, though, who are they trying to attract with this giveaway?
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