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Tradesmen/ Labourers Please Sign On

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Ok guys we have the lawyers and the engineers starting to stack up , lets see how many of us are the people that put the things together that they design and litigate over.
Personally I have two trade licenses,1st class welder and locksmith .
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I canĀ“t really say that I put the things together, but as a bike-courier, I move a fair amount of paper between different law-firms and other companies...
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Though not card carrying I function as a journeyman carpenter. This allows me to maintain the seasonal nature of my 'employment' history. My favorite work is for small outfist that specialize in custom homes.
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I'm a 20 year craftperson in the Industrial Maintenance field. 10 years as a Maintenance Mechanic/Machine Repairman in a metalurgical company and 10 years as a Maintenance Mechanic/Machinist in a chemical process department of a large pharmaceutical company.

Very interesting work. Always something to design and fabricate and actually make it work. I don't just get to talk about it, I have to do it.
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I am a Teamster for 17 years and have drove truck for nearly 30. I have 2 degrees,Meteorology and Air Pollution.
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Journey carpenter
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What about Trading skills for thrills?
(Is this an option for other Trades)
(Lawers need not Apply!!!)
But, I do need a Carpenter in Chamonix France for a week!
Tom aka Wildfirelodge aka www.skiwildfire.com
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Although I have admitted to not having a "real job", gainful employment has occasionaly disrupted my otherwise idealic lifestyle.
I am a General Contractor in NM and a real estate broker too. Nail pounding, in one PSIA survey (many years ago), represented the off season occupation of over 70% of all fulltime instructors...makes sense in a resort enviorment. The RE thing was just an attempt to capitalize on the big bucks quick and easy from chairlift referals and construction site looky-loos, and condo management.
Surviving in a resort year round is a talent, from cord-cutting to snowplowing to bartending. The multi-tasking, "out-of-the-box" CEO-posers could learn something from the local resort "jacks"!
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Plumber, electrician,Carpenter, auto mechanic, aircraft mechanic.
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Mason, carpenter, welder, heavy equipment operator, General Contractor, truck driver, Construction Manager.


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