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Snowboarding allowed at Alta and DV

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well just in therory. lets say that alta and DV next year allowed snowboarding, but snowbird and Park City banned snowboards. would you still go to alta and DV? or would you make the trip over to next door nieghbors who allowed snowboarding.
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I kinda like the no snowboarders ruling, but I wouldn't pick an area based on that. Alta and DV in the trees are too much fun to boycott just because they would allow boarders.
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Well, let's just say in theory that some of the people riding the cat out of Alta are riders and that some of the Little Cottonwood backcountry riders take their last run back to their cars down the trails at Alta. Would you still ski there?
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Just did some time at Alta a few weeks ago and my conclusion is that snowboarders wouldn't like it much because of all the traverses. They would be stabbed to death with ski poles for slowing skiers down on the high traverse too.
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I really like the no-boarder thing, but mostly for the retro feel of it (MRG, Alta), not that I hate boarders so much. I happily share runs with boarder friends all the time where I ski.

I will say, though, that when I ski with my kid I'd prefer being away from boarders due to their blind spot. In Europe I don't have this choice. No, I'd never choose an area based only on this. One of my kids'll probably end up being a boarder at some point anyway.
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I never minded the boards till this year. Go into tight trees and it's all skidded out by boards side slipping cause they don't have the skill to be there. Looks like they ran a groomer down it. They leave huge ditch traverses all over the Mt. and go from 1 stupid jump to the next 1. The board Instructors assemble their classes right in front of the entrance to the Lifts and you wonder why the students plug the entrance up later. Alta here I come.
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I would still go there. I would still go to Park City, Deer Valley, Alta and Snowbird. I like skiing at the ski only areas. I snowboard and ski at areas that allow both. A snowboard only area would definitely get my business.
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I did like the lack of boarders when I was at Alta this week, but the one day I skied over at Snowbird, the presence of boarders was not an issue at all. In fact, the ones I saw were good and I enjoyed watching them. I only came across one gaggle of boarders sitting on a trail. There were a few spots where they had postholed or diced the snow on a traverse. It was a minor inconvenience compared to the hordes of lousy and annoying boarders I typically encounter in the East.

Now, if the presence of boarders changed the vibe at Alta, that would be a pity. I thought the place had a classic, traditional, unassuming feel, something I don't normally associate with boarders.

So yeah, I'd still ski there if they allowed boarders, but I would have some concerns about it.
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I ski PCMR all the time and don't mind the boarders one bit. They can't hack the traverses, so they don't go near the good stuff. Anybody who gets out that far on a board really knows what they're doing and doesn't Zorro the powder. Mostly, anyway. But a clueless gaggle of tourists on skis can do just as much damage. See "traverse ettiquete", any post by Jer.
Jake Burton is just a big fat tool for dissing Alta and DV. It's a free country, he can open his own hill- in fact, he should, with all his $, and shut the f* up..
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I don't go to DV or PCMR now anyway. Other than that. I don't care.
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I haven't been to any of the hills mentioned. But anyone that will keep the knuckle dragger out is the one I would patronize. I wish some of the resorts up here would do as Alta does.
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I think having a few hills without the draggers is great. It would be fine with me if there were a few areas for draggers only.
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Given the choice of two closely located resorts, I would clearly choose the one that did not allow boarders. I hate having to dodge them when they are laying around the at the bottom of lift exits, at trail juctions on narrow catwalks (usaully right in the middle of the catwalk), etc.
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I remember when my resorts in Minnesota (Wild Mountain, Afton Alps, etc.) didn't allow boarders. They didn't allow jumps either. We would build them, and patrol would flatten them. yay.

This clip isn't minnesota, but it's the same mentality that I will never go back to-


(it was probably on this site where I first saw this... so, sorry for the repeat.)
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How about we flip the question around. Skiers, is there a mountain you love so much that you'd learn to board if it became "boarders only"?
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It would be a perfect cone, tilted on an axis. Then, I could return to the base after every single run, have a variety of pitches and fall-lines, and never be required to traverse one push.

I'd ride one board there.
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Mmmm. Cone.
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I'm not so sure that snowboarders would love Alta all that much...what, with all the traversing and hiking that even some skiers carp about??
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