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Utah - Feb 2008

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Looking for a quick status on conditions in Utah. Planning to come out President's week (along with the rest of the world).

Hoping to hear from you that conditions are wonderful - lots of snow coming down on a regular basis.

Can anyone provide a brief report?

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your right all I can tell you right now is there will be a decent bases it should keep snowing but noone really knows if thats true.
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I got back from PC on Monday. They have gotten tons of snow. Conditions are packed soft snow all over the front side. Just a little hiking at PC and the Canyons led to fresh snow, not completely undisturbed but soft and mostly untracked.
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And more on the way this weekend.:
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Ya it looks like this one is gonna hit utah hard.
From Noaa:
Widespread heavy snow expected Sunday morning through Monday. Storm totals of 18 to 36 inches expected, with local totals approaching 50 inches possible.
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Alta was great this week, in fact it got better every day, in different ways. The real answer to your question involves long range forecasting, which is not something any of us can count on. But statistically, you should be in good shape.
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It's pretty much rockin'out. Best winter in years. Great powder skiing, I'd say great groomer skiing in between powder days too, but there have been so many pow days lately, we've been using those days to get some work done.
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