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Bindings for Icelantic Nomad

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Hey all,

I'm in the process of buying a pair of Icelantic Nomads 168 (140-105-130).
Does anyone have any recommendations for a set of bindings?

I'd like some lift and adjustability although the latter doesn't have to be a "by hand on the mountain" feature.

I'm 182cm/6" and 84kg/185lb and the sole lenght of my shoes is 325mm.

I'm guessing a Neox, Railflex or Vist Speedlock or Quicklock.

Help me out here!
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Something that is laterally stiff. Do you want the lift of a Speed Lock or Quicklock? I will say the Vist bindings do look sweet though!
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The lift wouldn't be too high for my liking.
I lik ethe Vist too, not sure which one to choose from the two though...
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Cool Chrome.
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So, nobody else with any intelligent input on bindings?
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Given what you are interested in, consider this year's Tyrolia RFD 14 or Salomon Z12 Smartrack. If you are a regular Marker fan, there's an IBC version of the Comp 14 with separate toe/heel adjustment - although I suspect that one is a special order item since I do not recall seeing it listed by any of the usual shops. Or... Marker is apparently set to release the Jester Demo Track. If what I hear about it is true, Jesters on that track could be a great adjustable binding setup for a whole lot of uses --- but, what I have includes some hearsay (and there's some conflicting info).

And obviously there's the Neox...

All of the above have a range of brake sizes available. Take your pick.
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I recently bought a pair of Icelantic Nomads 156cm and went with the Tyrolia Railflex LD12 bindings. One benefit of railflex bindings is the ability to adjust them 15mm forward or back from center. I've been smiling and tearing everything up once I adjusted mine 15mm back - gives you more stability/speed and better powder balance. Enjoy the skis!
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The most popular set up I've seen on the Nomads is the VIST X-free 614s with XL brakes and green or blue covers.

Last night I mounted a pair of 09 Nomad 181s with a pair of Bomber Bishops and they look sweet.:

If you do go for a VIST plate go with the Speed Lock Pro super light plate.
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You already have the 09s Kiwi? You lucky dog! I am definitely :
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The Salamon Z12's are a good idea. 

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Checking the date on the posts in a thread is a REALLY good idea ^^^^^.


this one is from over a year ago... just guessing here, but I'll bet a decision has been made already.

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