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OK last time

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I have decided to mount my new Hart skis today Fri with the neox 614. I have messured and will go BOF on center of running surface. I found an artical that convinced me of this hear. http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/..._placement.htm I was going to have them mouted farther back but after just seeing were my 355mm boot sat on the ski after the mesurments taken as sugested in that artical it just looked right. I thought before I head to the shop this morrning I would see if there were any last calls! The skis are farly stiff and a 189 with 120-92-110 cut. The one thing I considered is the fact that these bindings will at least be adjustable fore and aft somewhat if I find this possition to be to far forward. According to this artical most of the pros mount there skis this way allways? Who am I to disagree. The possition I marked wasnt that far off the center boot mark the manufacture has on the ski. One question I have is should I mout the right ski differant than the left ski because my ball of foot on my right foot is further back than my left by about 4mm?? I think Ive heard before were that is what you do to get a true even feel? oh no what have I started!
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You have a 4mm difference between the balls of your feet but your feet are the same length? Wow...
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Must be the water. My big toe on my left foot is 1/2 size longer! Must have been when I busted my toe up when I was 14 in a motocross accident. That was also a growing spert age ? So what do ya think of that idea? Does it make sence to do that im leaving in 40min
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Dude, I really have no idea.
Are your boots different sizes? If not, I wouldn't bother.
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Yes the right way to do this is to have differant sized boots. Not to many places allow you to buy boots that way. Some World cup skiiers and other competitive skiers who have a foot 1/2 size smaller will have two sized boots. I mounted them slightly stagered even with the same sized boot because the ball of foot was differand in each foot. Ive wanted to try this for years but never did? We will se how it goes on sunday. I have the option of moveing the bindings around with these ones so if push comes to shove I will just move it. The skis are a left and a right. The tech thought It was a great idea and the owner was not sure why I would not just center the boot on the line provided. Just goes to show how some old thinking never changes. I tryed to explain my reasons and he said im talking to the wrong guy about binding placement because he has been doing it the same way for 20yrs with no complaints. I told him he mounted my last pair and they never felt right with a short tail and a looooong frontal area because of my boot size. He never said much after that. We wil see.
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Weel if boot sizes are different I would also take that in consideration for binding placement, otherwise I don't I would, but that's just me offcourse.

Anyways, be sure to keep us posted on this one! I'm ever so curious for the results!!
This might turn out to be a great learning experience for me!

And indeed, if the bindings themselves allow for some play this is the perfect opportunity to test it!
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