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Skipress reviews

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If you just bored or going insane read some reviews.
Winter is coming by patient.

Skis http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/m...no1/Prvw18.htm
Boots http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/m...no1/PRVW14.HTM

[ September 24, 2003, 02:30 PM: Message edited by: BobasEB ]
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The links don't work... Not that I really need to spend more time reading gear reviews.
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They were working this morning, so the links are okay.
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If you don't need to spend more time reading reviews how do you know that the links don't work? .
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What I need to do and what I choose to do are sometimes different things. I chose to look at the reviews and the links didn't work when I first tried them (they do indeed work now). My second remark was just a lament because I have no plans to purchase equipment this year.
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