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Durango or Telluride

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I have a 4 day weekend coming up middle of Feb. Taos has me spolied, but we decided to change a bit, and see some other places. I would like to go to Durango Or Telluride..Could I get some advice from anyone that has been to both..I will be taking my wife, and 9yr old daughter, and we prefer to stay slopeside if possible..Has anyone used a particular booking agency..Or do you know a place that is nice to stay. Any pros, and cons..

Much appreciated

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Totally different and refreshing ski area and the town itself is just awesome. Plenty to hike, plenty to ski, powder lasts for several days there. It's nice because even in the town, if you chose to rent a house for a few days, you are still with in walking distance from the chairs or the gondola. Another great thing that I really like about telly is that you can bring beginners to the very top of the mountain (off the chair) and they can still have places to ski.

Telluride for sure.
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Telluride is one of, the (few) truly great ski towns in North America. Not to be missed.
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Definetly Telliride, but stay in town, much nicer!
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If you like Taos, you'll love Telluride too. We just went there for a 3-day weekend a couple weeks ago. There are lots of good beginner & intermediate trails for the wife & daughter, and you'll find plenty of fun black runs at the top of Gold Hill lift. Hike into Black Iron Bowl for some freshies.

Agree with the "stay in town" comments. We got a reasonably priced condo at the Cimarron Lodge, which was only a few steps from Lift 7. Plus we could walk into town for dinner and shopping afterwards.

Love that ski town, but the real estate prices... :
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Originally Posted by Lori_K View Post
but the real estate prices... :
lol truly. I never knew Sothebys had real estate branches, I thought they stuck to diamond encrusted eggs, paintings and cars. :
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lodge options

Telluride for sure and here is a lodging resource
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From your TR on Taos, it's NO question. To hell you ride!
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Thanks for all the responses..

Looks like I will be making plans to go to t-ride..
I will look into Cimarron Lodge..Thanks Lori

Any other places to stay in case they are booked..


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Also check the Telluride Lodge... 1&2 bedroom condos, very comfy.

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If you want to stay slopeside then definitely Telluride. There is really nothing at the Purgatory/DMR base area. Also, the slopes at Purg are all intermediate and have lots of long traverses that require walking/poling. The only advantage is that Durango will be considerably cheaper than Telluride, but otherwise Telluride is superior in every respect.
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Just got back from T-ride. Stayed at Hotel Telluride. All I can say was that it was a truly amazing time there. Had fresh snow the last two days--not a ton (10" on the last day) but it was a blast. Skiied a ton of steep, bumped out runs and then the fresh POW when it came. Never waited in a line and loved the town. Happy hour at Garrano Ranch/Beach was a blast. It truly took me away from the stress of I'm back in my cube and hating life.!
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Telluride fer sure

I lived and learned to ski in DRO in mid-late 80's. I like the town, and Purg's OK, but nothing compared to TRide.

T's one of my favorite places in the world. Would live there if I could . But Lori's right: RE prices are awful and high to boot .

The ski area's gotten amazingly good with all the terrain they've opened up to lifts. I think that you'll find terrain to satisfy most (all?) tastes. And I see you've been to Taos: TRide's *almost* as much fun .

ResortQuest works pretty well for us and gives discounts for repeat visits (we go pretty much every 4th of July for a week, plus the winters). Check, but that can be somewhat hit-or-miss. The condo's around lift 7 are pretty good values: Cimarron, Etta Place, Etta Place Too, etc. You're at the west end of town, but it's a 15 minute or less walk to downtown and 30 or less to the other end . There's also free bus service.

Only real negative is powder days. There are a LOT of powder hounds in TRide and they're all there for first chair. A very minor complaint.

Personally, I prefer Telluride to Mountain Village, but the (free) gondola makes it EZ to get back and forth.

Have a great time!

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Telluride! Without doubt.

Reportedly they have many "powder areas' there!
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