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Adirondack Skiing; 1/19-1/21

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I might put up pics, but that would NOT be soon. So I'll write a TR without them.

1/19: Whiteface Mountain

Snowing the night before, Whiteface on the 19th was a great and perrrfect day. Excelsior was completely empty with no ice as second run (first run was to get from Kid Campus to the main mountain) of the day around 9:30 in the morning and I was flying straight down it. It was perrrrfect (one of my top 5 favorite runs ever). Third run was Skyward from the summit, then taking Cloudspin Niagra to Lower Cloudspin; steepest run open, it is either my favorite or 2nd fav. run ever. As my mom's cousin had said on the way up to the summit on the summit quad, "If there's powder on Skyward, it is by far the best run on the mountain and also my favorite run!" We did Skyward once again and yet again, it was great, full of snow (no duh lol) and not icy! The only moguls on the mountain were at the top of Parkway which wasn't very long so I was mostly skiing groomed slopes. Other runs I liked was Lower Mackenzie, Lower Wilderness, and Draper's Drop. Paron's Run is a nice run, but it sucked because it was covered in snowmakers.#1 Trail Recommended for this day: Upper Skyward (I did it 7 times in one day!!!)

1/20; Whiteface Mountain (again)

There was definitely more natural... this morning. By 1 PM, everything was ice (really lived up to Iceface this day). This time only did Skyward 3 times as it was a lot more challenging and very icy. Essex was very nice, having bumps to the side. Excelsior was done 4 times; very icy by 2 PM though. Parkway was perfect; amazing bumps and they had it almost top to bottom. Paron's again sucked; covered in snowmakers. Draper's drop was closed today which was a shame, covered in snowmakers. Overall fun, but not as nice as the day before. #1 Trail Recommended: Parkway!!!

I'll post Gore Mountain on MLK later. Don't have time!
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Nice report.

Cloudspin and Skyward are great trails when the snow is good.
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Never had the time to write gore TR and don't have the time now lol so I'll just forget about it. But one thing: the bumps on Chamonix were some of the best ever, Lies's bumps were superior, and Hawkeye's bumps were amazing!

It's too bad cloudspin was closed. It looks like a nice and long run, also steeper than skyward... it is steeper than skyward right?
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Chatiemac, not Chamonix

Not sure if Cloudspin or Skyward is steeper. They both have some pretty good long, steep pitches.
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Stats off of google earth.

Upper Skyward: 29.5 degrees over 750 feet of vertical.
Upper Cloudspin: 27.3 degrees over 850 feet of vertical; while a major part of the run is tilted on its side a bit.

Not to mention that cloudspin has steeper pitches. Skyward is a little more consistent and is probably the steeper run; Cloudspin is probably the most challenging out of the two.
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