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new guy looking for a ride ;)

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I know I've never posted here before, but I'm getting a little desperate. [img]smile.gif[/img]

My brother's coming from LA to ski Vail with some of his good friends for this upcoming weekend. Seeing as I'm in Golden, I would really love to ski with him. Unfortunately, I'm a poor college student(is there any other kind?), and I am lacking a vehicle to get me to Vail.

I would be willing to pay for some gas money or bring some snacks.

If you think you can give me a lift email me at kc5zfz AT hotmail.com
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I heard this place was supposed to be really friendly. Am I going to have to fall back on skiers with a sense of adventure or is someone here going to step-up? I would really really love to ski with my brother on Saturday.

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I'd pick you up, but I'm a bit far from your area. To bad my buddy is still laid up with his knee, hed be glad to help, lives in Golden.

Common people, can anybody help this guy out?
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Thanks man, that's the sort of ski community spirit I know.
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Dude, I'd be in too but from Portland even if I started now I probably couldn't pick you up in time.

Good luck!

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Thanks Mark,

I think I'm giong to reconcentrate my efforts to getting to a PNR really early in the morning to hitch a ride from there. That might work better, we'll see.

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Hi Golden and welcome.
The bears are really friendly. The place is friendly.
Alas it's the wrong moment, most of the Colorado regulars that post here are in Utah right now...
As for myself...well I'm a bit farther away...
Hope you'll make it, eventually!
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Somehow get to the base of the canyon..hwy 6 heading up to blackhawk. Hold up a sign. Hold up a 6 pack.
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hmm... for some reason I'm not so sure the cops would approve of an 18 yr old offering a six pack of beer to anyone who will take him to Vail. I think I will be able to get myself to a PNR to try and hitch a ride. Is there a particular PNR that's used for this? I was thinking of setting myself up at the Genesee PNR.

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try posting on powdermag.com, im sure if you offer beer someone will give you a ride.
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I guess things get buried a whole lot faster on powdermag.

Thing is most people on powdermag are reluctant to admit that they ski at Vail. Something about overpricing, semi-elite, and the fact that it's a huge corporation, the Exxon of the ski industry if you will.

I've tried all my resources and then some trying to get a ride. I started looking for a ride on Tuesday. I am now off to get some well earned rest and pray that there will be a next time.

Side note - I have nothing against Exxon personally since they paid for my tuition to a boarding school and a season ski pass my last two years of high school

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