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Marker Piston

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Can someone explain this so an idiot(me) can understand it?

"Marker Piston control binding reduces high-speed vibration by quieting ski's counter flex at the exit of each turn, readying the ski for the next turn."
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The idea is: as a ski comes out of reverse camber on the rebound out of a turn, it will vibrate (think of a pole vaulter's pole after the vaulter releases the pole)...the piston is designed to absorb some of that energy and diminish the vibration so the ski can immediately be controlled/neutralized and then flexed into reverse camber again for the next turn.

I actually just had a chance to do an A/B comparison on this b/c I bought Volkl Tigershark 10s (w/ switch) and initially the piston was not installed with the Marker motion bindings. Then after a few days, my shop installed it for me and the next day I was out (on very hardpack/icy conditions identical to the prior day). I could really feel the improvement (which very much surprised me). It's not a gimmick; the piston definitely dampens the ski between turns.

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Thanks Josh. I will try to get back to the shop to get them to put it on.
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Good thought process.

Another story, form a few years back. Female friend had the piston on her G3's she alway's skied with it on. One soft snow day I got her to turn them off. she skied half the hill and we stopped. She said she couldn't feel anything different. She turned them back on. We continued down the hill. She stop's in about 50ft and say's WOW, I'm turning them back off, it was much better in soft snow with them off.

Now day's they seem to work better because they no longer have on/off.

Yes they do work.
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So Max are they bad for soft snow or was this just an early iteration that wasn't as good? volkl sent me an email saying there is no negative impact but they will behave a little different on my 163's vs longer.
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