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Dynamics of Telemark Skiing etc.

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I might be posting in the wrong forum here, but I know Epic and don't know any telemark sites (usually don't need to either). I was wondering though, after my last ski trip and watching some people skiing in telemark fashion, what is actually going on there? It looks like a whole load of work and the end result seems to be only a couple of meters down a slope. Are there any telemarkers here that would be kind enough to describe what the fuss is all about.

Ok and getting to the point of this discussion. Are the telemark turn dynamics similar to carving dynamics in that the downhill leg is used for steering, tracking and so on. By tracking I mean keeping the skiing line?

Oh, and telemark gear seems to be sooo expensive, is it only for the elite?
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Yes, the dynamics are very simliar. In telemark, both skis are used for steering, tracking, etc. To telemark the skis should be more equally weighted than in alpine skiing, but I think in either style, both skis should be used for steering and tracking, not just the downhill ski.

Yes, the cost of telemark gear is similar to alpine and snowboard gear. These sports are not only for the elite.

What is the fuss about? There is no fuss. Yes, it's more work which is part of the appeal for those of us who need exercise. Why not get a workout from your sporting activity? Makes sense? It's possible to be smooth and not work too hard to descend a few vertical feet. Longer turns, avoid a lot of up movement, don't go as low or even make some parallel turns. With modern telemark gear you have the option of skiing regular alpine turns.
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At the end of last season, I decided to give Telemarking a try. My home mountain is Mad River Glen, in VT, and there are a lot of tele skiers there. I was always impressed while watching a skier rip a line and then drop his/her knee. Yup, with tele-ing you can ski in a number of different styles.

For me teleing is a more playful way of getting down the mountain and a damn good workout to boot! It's not for everyone, but definitely worth giving a try if you're interested.

The gear is marginally less expensive than downhill gear, for the comparative quality.
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When I get bored I sometimes take my old 215cm cross country racing skis down a green or a gentle blue doing parallels. XC skis are scarily fast and efficient and with no edges or any sidecut it's hard.

I can't quite get a tele turn yet - I should give it another go and actually read how to do it properly. After all, this is how tele skiing started right?

BTW my record speed is 20mph on them!
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I am not sure if this is the right thread, but I am looking to get into tele skiing and further into BC for fresh pow. I know that I need an avalanche course, etc. But how can I start to develop or work on tele skills. Websites, vids and shop recommendations in NY or Vermont would be great. Someone suggested Mountain Traveler outside of Ludlow.
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Mountain Traveler = VT tele mecca = Rutland, not Ludlow.

High Peaks Cyclery = NY (Lake Placid) tele mecca

Both great shops.

More good websites:

But I would start with some of the how-to videos on telemarktips.com

If you're into it, NATO has good videos (Joy of Telemarking) and workshops.
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Telemark-Pyrenees.com maybe useful for our Finnish friend.
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Thanks ts01.

Any suggestions on a setup for someone like me. (Alpine I am a solid 8. Like all shapes of turns and speed.) I read that Black Diamond redid their entire line.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Telemark-Pyrenees.com maybe useful for our Finnish friend.
Hey thanks!
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