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PSIA / ISIA Resort discounts.

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Hi All,

My girlfriend and I are about to head out on a road trip, following the snow with potential destinations in Utah, Wyoming, Montana & California.

We're both Level 3 Certified, her by PSIA & myself APSI with an ISIA stamp, and we're wondering what kind of discounts are available at resorts on lift tickets.

I know we can get 50% off at Jackson & 1/3 off at Snowbird but not too sure about others.

It would be much appreciated if you could post what discounts you have received where.
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There are some in Europe but those probably won't help you much.
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Your best bet is probably to contact the ski schools at the areas you're considering visiting. They may be willing to share their discounted or free tickets (depending on hill policy). And they'll certainly know about discounts available to you.
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For many of the major resorts in the Western US, getting a discount is as simple as showing your PSIA card or ISIA stamp at any ticket window. At some resorts, you may need to go to the ski school desk to get the discount. The discounts will vary by resort, but 50% is about the most you can expect via this method. If you go to the ticket windows, you should expect to run into cashiers who will be unfamilair with how to handle the ISIA stamp.

Smaller resorts often request a letter of introduction from your home resort to prove that you are currently employed full time as an instructor somewhere. Although this is cumbersome, many of these resorts will let you ski for free. Sometimes, if you stop by the ski school office (as opposed to the sales desk), you can bypass the rules and "arrange" free skiing just by being polite.
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OK that's pretty much what I thought. Ski School offices are better than generic ticket windows. 2 days worth of the Jackson discount will cover my annual APSI membership so anything beyond that is a bonus.

Usually if you do the full letter of introduction you get comp tickets, but this will be a spur of the moment road trip so i'll just be happy with whatever we are offered.
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Tell the SSD you are interested in working there next season and would like an on snow interview and tour of the mountain. Not only should this get you the comp ticket but also the tour.

Kinda like listening to the 45 minute time share push in exchange for the free nights lodging.
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With all due respect, this is my first ski vacation after 21 consecutive winters of teaching. Standing around listening to SSDs is not what I had planned!
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PS Anyone know what specific discounts are available at the big western resorts?

Will hopefully be skiing places like Jackson, Snowbird, Squaw, Alpine, Mammoth etc.
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This would be a great database to have, but to the best of my knowledge, there is no single source listing for discount tickets (PSIA should provide this as a service and incentive). The only way I've found is to contact the resort ticket office or the ski school and ask. Sometimes, the ski school will give you a "better deal" (if you catch my drift) than the ticket office.
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PSIA-E maintains a web page of discounts for member instructors at Eastern resorts.
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OK here's what we got:

Solitude $38
Snowbird $55
Alta - $59 - no discount but this was only at the ticket window - didn't go to ski school or special tickets as it was a powder day & didn't want to waste time.
Snowbasin - $42
Sierra at Tahoe - Free w/ Level 3
Kirkwood - $53
Squaw - $55 (Cheaper w/ Letter of Introduction)
Alpine Meadows - $20 w/ Level 3
Jackson Hole - $39 (Deal of the century!)

This was all with a PSIA Level 3 card, and an APSI Level 3 card with an ISIA stamp.
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Vail is $58 at any ticket window with a valid PSIA card.
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with ISIA

Solitude 32
Brighton 33
Snowbasin 32
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think jackson hole would offer a discount with a level 2 aasi?

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As of last spring JH had discounted tickets for instructors.  I think it was about $60 a day at the ticket window, but they also wanted to see a letter from your home area stating you are currently employed (I don't remember if they cared if it was full time or not).  The PSIA/AASI card was not enough by itself.  Its always a good idea to have both anyway.

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