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Help needed!

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Well I got my new Hart skis today and holy frap are they wicked!!! I was messuring BOF on the boots and ski and took the new Bindings I ordered from Al,s out of the box to see how they looked. They sent me the wrong brakes!!!! I ordered 99mm on the new Neox 614,s and they sent the 81mm !!! The waist is 92 on the new skis what do I do? I have an apointment on fri with the tech to mount everything and theres no way they can get me a 99 in time and theres none in town. It looks like I can grind the inside to work for now untill they send me the 99mm brakes OR. Should I try to find some local binding that might fit and send these back for a refund?? Im realy upset because Ive been waiting for these skis for 2 weeks and just took 3 weeks off to take them on a skitrip starting Saterday!!! I recieved the bindings last week but never bothered checking the brake width because all the recipes say what I ordered the 99mm brake option. Pluss thats what I payed for! If they will honor the deal and send me the other brakes for free and free shipping and let me just grind these ones down will that be OK ? Im in a bit of a pickle now with a time restraint! James
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Hey James,
Can't you have them mount the bindings without the brakes and mount those later when you get the right size?
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Originally Posted by Schussboelie View Post
Hey James,
Can't you have them mount the bindings without the brakes and mount those later when you get the right size?
There is a good chance the shop will not do that knowing that the brake is not functional. Plus, if you tell them your plans to swap the binding, once the right ones come in (I forget, is the Neox brake integrated or can just the break be swapped?), they will not be interested in that from a liability position.

Knowing that you purchased this stuff on line, I don't think you are gonna get much sympathy from your local shop. This is one of the "cost" of buying on line. My suggestion is, buy a binding from him and return the other ones to Al's.
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Hes my tech and will mount what I BRING HIM. i THOUGHT ABOUT NO BREAK BUT THINK pHIL IS RIGHT. OPPS capslock on. ill talk to them this morrning at Als Ski shop in Mane.
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I'm pretty sure you can mount the Neox without the brakes.
The brakes are for sale seperately on Ebay and it looks like they just screw on.
I'll check my skis tonight to make sure (they need some TLC anyways).

In any case you should get a full refund, replacement or at least the correct brakes at no expense to you.
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Yes thanks for your replies. als ski barn shipped the 99mm brakes to me today at no charge! They said to just keep the ones on there as well. Tomorrow im mounting them and shaveing some plastic on the inside of the brakes and tweeking them to work OK till the proper ones get hear. I can say they were all over this trying to make good my hat go off to them!! They made what I thought from lesser retailers a potential bad into a good!! I will definatly do buisness with them again! I dont know how they do it but the shippng is incredably FAST! 3 days from eastern USA to 300miles SE of Alaska. Man that is fast!!! My skis from vail took 3 weeks. im a happy camper again
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I don't think you'll need to do anything to the original brakes.
Just have them mount them with the brakes up.
That way you'll end up with a perfect pair of extra brakes you can sell on Ebay or here instead of having a set of brakes that, although never used, will be seriously blemmished.
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