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Olympics Coverage

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quote from:
As Bob Costas, the host for NBC's 8-11:30 p.m. EST coverage, put it, "We all understand that to be a viable television product, the Olympics is at least in part a three-week TV miniseries."

ap story

I just hate these arrogant (deleted) people.
Time to move to Canada. Anybody know the requirements of changing countries? (or at least news agencies!!!)
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Great, three weeks of human interest stories & minimal viewing of the actual events. I think I'm going to gag.
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Try Eurosport...
Eurosport Olympic Coverage
But they will probably show the nordic combined, and the ski jumping in great detail, and everything else will get less coverage, but they claim they'll be showing a lot of it.

BBC Olympic Coverage

So, come to England, and watch your Olympics!

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What a bunch of idiots.....!

The thing is, do people actually sit down and watch unless they are enthusiasts of some sort? And don't the enthusiasts want to actually watch the sports being performed?

Ever watch the NFL?

Everybody who regularly sits through a game is an "enthusiast".....and how do they cover it......


You can protest - don't watch it!

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Ahh the Olympics. It's all about the sport, right? WRONG! It's all about the MONEY!

I wonder how much of every ad $ goes into Ebersol's pocket? He should have just come out and said the truth; "It's not about athletics or sports for the fans, it's about how much money I can make off couch potatoes who watch commercials" :
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I'm hoping OLN covers the events. Not sure if they will. Ever since they took over the Tour de France et al the coverage went from insultingly over-produced highlight specials to straight-up live broadcasts from Moto 1.

I'd love for these people to broadcast an NFL or NBA game with all the personal interest crapola.

But I'll watch anyway cuz it is great sport.
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Seems unlikely to me as NBC bought the rights.
I didn't see them listing anything, either.
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I took a peek at NBC's Olympic site and found this quote from Ebersol (Jan 9):

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "We have lots of live sport to cover and most nights we’re on the air in primetime for three and a half hours, as opposed to five hours per night from Sydney,” Ebersol said. “So with fewer hours, we’ll have fewer features and will rely more on our announcers to carry the storytelling load."

I sure hope that the "storytelling" he's talking about is just between the action (kinda like the banter in baseball between pitches) and not the cutaway BS. We can hope can't we?! :
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Interesting the reference to Sydney. When I left Sydney Monica Seles was playing for the Bronze on live TV. When I got to L.A. I had to wait 3 hours to find out who won.(great coverage) In past years USA actually did some live coverage of events the network wasn't too interested in. I wonder if there will be some alternative here in the States?
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OLN will be showing Yahoo/Nature Valley Freestyle events (whatever the hell those are) during the Molympics.
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