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Keep up the good spirit! we love you!
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
No... this is how it goes:

In the thickest Austrian accent you can imagine:

"GRAAAB ZHE BOOOOOTZ!!!! You are zkiing too shlow! You zki like a gurly-maan! Zki fahzter! GRAAAB YOUR BOOOTZ GURLY-MAAN!!!! Zis is NO WAY to zki! Do you zhink zis is fun!? You zhink zhis is fun!!?!? ZHIS IS NOT FUN!! GURLY-MAAN! GRAAB ZHE BOOOTZ!!!"


Thats how I learn anyway.
Greg and Baja: Yes! I had this guy, excpet he was from Switzerland, a very good instructor loved to say "yah, ve ski like dis' not like dat" Good, ya, good. (tapping poles)

Another quote is from my friend who upon getting a lesson in a white out storm was told "Ve ski wit our feet, not wit our eyes"

good skiing to all! This should be another thread....
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Some crud and bumps.

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bumps and crud

Excellent video, Max. Easy and fun to watch. Can't wait to read the MA that results.

Love the "save" at about 32 seconds, doc! It's more dramatic in slo-mo. Wish I had that kinda talent (seriously!).
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"Love the "save" at about 32 seconds, doc! It's more dramatic in slo-mo. Wish I had that kinda talent (seriously!)."

While skiing with the Mrs. recently on her favorite green run I was doing balance drills skiing on one ski and skiing with Javelin turns (inside ski help above and slightly across the outside ski). Those kind of balance drills will be a big help when the mountain forces the skier out of their normal stance.

Dr. Rick is making that look easy. Good for him.
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Thanks, guys; I remember thinking as I caught that edge it was going to look ugly, but only on the Epic forums can a guy get compliments for the way he bungles his skiing.
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