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I would also tell you to ski the skis before you leave for your trip. If you don't like them. You'll need to have them fixed.

I used to do the season tune. The weekend before the next Fridays flight out the skis didn't ski right on Saturday. I left the race early so I could get back to the shop to have them fixed. I skied them after the first attempt better but not right. Took them back again. On Sunday they were skiable but still not perfect. Skied them the first day at Breck. While asking the locals what was the best shop in town. I was told about this small shop that only tuned skis. I can't remember the name but he did magic. The next day the skis were perfect. I have tuned my own skis every since. I've never had a bad tune since that time.

If it's a bad tune it may take a few times to fix.
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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Only post worth reading in that thread is number six:

Garrett, thanks for that link. Post 6 was great. I hadn't seen that before, but I know exactly what he is saying.

I love that feeling of just thinking turn and the skis do the work. God it's so awesome at this level.
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