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Locking Ski Poles

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Several years ago, I bought a set of ski pole "locks".
They were basically a piece of sheetmetal that was bent into a diameter smaller than that of the typical ski pole. I believe a screw clamped them to the pole, and a tab extended from each end of them with a hole in it.
You could then run your ski lock cable through the hole and lock up your poles with your skis. Always having inexpensive poles, I never bothered to use these and I have no idea where they are.
Now that I have carbon fiber poles, I would feel more comfortable being able to lock them with my skis since we often night ski at places with a lot of theft.
Does anyone know if such a product exists and where I can buy it?
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Doubles as a boot/snow scraper?
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And it attaches readily to my Ski Tote, SA!
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