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(From the fine folks at the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center: )

Hello Silverton Friends,
We are writing because we need your help. Comments supporting the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center (SOLRC and the Silverton Mountain Ski Area) are needed at this time. According to the BLM any previous letters of support are no longer valid. New comments are needed during this BLM scoping period (August 9th- September 7th). This comment period is very important, as scoping is when the BLM officially gauges public opinion. We need you to take 5-10 minutes and email or U.S. mail a letter to Richard Speegle at the BLM. (Please address your written comments to Richard Speegle, SOLRC Project, BLM Columbine Field Office, 15 Burnett Ct., Durango, CO 81301 or to .)

Below we have listed points for you to mention or to paste together for a letter. You should include the reasons that are most important to you. Also please try to attend important meetings in Silverton at the Miners Hospital Building August 22, 2001 from 3-7pm or the San Juan Public Lands Center in Durango, CO on August 23, 2001 from 3-7pm.

In other news, the lift installation is on schedule and we have recently updated our website, go to: .

The first paragraph should be incorporated in all letters to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), from there you should pick and choose your content.

I believe the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center is a good use of public lands. An Environmental Assessment (EA) is a more than adequate form of study due to the fact that no permanent structures are located on public land. The small size and low impact design of SOLRC needs no more review than an EA.

SOLRC will help improve the Silverton winter economy without changing the character of the town in a negative way.

In the 2 years SOLRC has been established in Silverton, they have had a positive impact on the community by helping with the planning of river clean ups and providing trees for the town park and community center.

Having a local outdoor learning center will help provide additional higher education opportunities year round in Silverton.

This use of public land will create an income for the Federal Government and San Juan County will little negative side effects on the land. There should be no harmful long-term effects on public land, unlike other existing ski areas, because no permanent structures are to be on public land .

The BLM plays an important role in helping to provide this new type of skiing at an affordable price. This type of skiing opportunity does not currently exist in Colorado.

SOLRC has provided a thorough safety plan to make public land safer than it is currently. Please allow SOLRC to make the area safer for the public.

Activities that could impact the lynx habitat will be avoided by SOLRC. SOLRC will have no cutting of ski runs, no snowmaking, no night skiing, and no evening grooming, which have been said to impact the lynx.

SOLRC is a small sustainable business working with the support of the town and county.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Jenny Ader
Silverton Mountain Ski Area
Silverton Outdoor Learning & Recreation Center
P.O. Box 654
Silverton, CO 81433
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