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Hi guys. I've been reading and asking around for quite some time, and made several threads here, but please Bear with me. :-)

I am a male in his twenties, 6.2" (189cm) and 220 lbs (100kg), skill level 7. My past skis were ancient, barely carved and rather narrow Volkl. I am only buying one pair of skis, and won't be able to demo. I ski mostly in Austria. (Glaciers, as well as hills, 1000-3000 m.)

The skis I am looking for should be able to carve any radius conveniently (with bias to short), as this is the technique I want to work on. They should last me for 3-5 years and help me improve to level 8.

They should easily handle any condition that occurs on piste (except no snow ) My skiing suffers especially in the later afternoon when the snow is heavy and broken, in heaps, or in up to two feet high bumps, so it's important for me that the skis handle this nicely and build my confidence up a little - should not be unforgiving or unpredictable!

At the same time, however, I don't want to give up a lot of "poppy" energy, or performance on the hard groomer, and I don't care much for deepest snow and powder. Not about icy bumps... yet.

And equally important, they should be available in Europe ( for 500 EUR or less. (Leaves the M:B5 out, sob...)

Impossible? I hope not! These are the skis I have considered so far.


Fischer RX8 Fire FTi: My favourite so far. Heard a lot of love coming their way. Also, they're great on the groomer and full of energy. But they're also narrow and I am worried about their performance on worse terrain. I love the graphics and they're cheap, too! I've also heard that this love could be "obsolete" and I could get a better ski nowadays. Is even the new version still a similar ski? Is it still so exceptional?

Fischer Cool Heat: This one has me confused. Will they ski like the RX9? Is the tradeoff good enough for me to sacrifice the RX8's explosive character?

Atomic Metron 10: My runner-up so far. Could be a better choice for harsh conditions, than the RX8, but not as well regarded. Not quite sure about the overall performance... do they fit the bill? Are they good for more than one style, or do they force the Metron way? Will they bring me to lvl 8?

Atomic Nomad Blackeye: I don't know much about these, except that they look great and are on the upper level of my price range, but several people suggested I consider them. Will they carve short turns for me?

Head Monster iM78: People say these are the ultimate all-rounders, but Head web says they're intended for deep snow and mostly off-piste. Also, the bindings seem to be very far forward. This model confuses me.

K2 Crossfire: Reportedly very nice and stable. However, not so good on short turns, and not so energic.

Dynastar Legend: I used to look this way, then I realised they wouldn't carve short turns for me. :-/

Many other skis that you guys call great are no longer available. :-(

So what do you think would be the best for me? Is there any other "must consider" that I have overlooked? Thanks, you all rock and rule!