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Anyone from Windsor, Ontario?

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Hey, If there is anyone in these forums that lives in Ontario or surrounding areas, post me a message. I'm nice to talk to and I'm a beginner at skiing, but very willing to learn more. Thanx!
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Welcome to the best ski forum on the net!! I live just up the road in London. Ski Boler because it is close and head up north every chance that I get. Sit back and enjoy as this is a great and well informed group. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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OK, my geography's not that good, but I'm wondering, if you have a London, and a Windsor neas it, is there a Maidenhead, or Bracknell nearby? Cause there is near Windsor (which is not far from London) here.
As for this being
a great and well informed group
I guess artimus doesn't read my posts!


P.S. Welcome, and have fun!
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In the US, not very far from windsor, Mt.Brighton, Mt Holly and Pine Knob, offer free beginner group ski lessons.

Rent some decent equipment from a ski speciality shop, and take some lessons. That's the best way to find out if your are going to like the sport.

I know the US/Canadian dollar exchnage rate is unfavorable, but check out BoyneUSA, Crystal Mountain, Nubs Nub, because when the the schools are out in March in Canada, they have been known to have "CanadianWeeks" promotions where they have taken the Canadian dollar at par, i.e, a Canadian dollar is equal to the US dollar, if you pre-purchase your lodging, lift tickets, and lessons. For food and drink, and other extras it don't think it applies, unless you buy the complete resort package at the Boynes.

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Hi and welcome to the forum and to skiing. I live about 3 hours east of you. My home mountain is Blue Mountain in Collingwood. Unfortunately, that is about a five hour drive for you. However, I used to instruct at Glen Eden, in Milton. They have the best school, I believe, in Ontario and it is only about a 3 hour drive for you. The prices are also very reasonable there. You can check them out at:
www.gleneden.on.ca/ Why don't you post a message after a few more times out and let us know how you're doing.
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Glen Eden has the best ski school in Ontario??? Since when.
I looked on the website under private lessons, and really like the instructors rear entry boots.
It is a nice little hill though, close to the highway.
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Hi canadianskibunny90, I am also in Ontario -- Toronto to be precise. I ski mostly at Devil's Elbow near Peterborough because I have friends and family in the area. This way I can spend time with them and get out skiing every weekend too.

This is only my fourth season on skiis so I'm certainly no expert, but based on my experience I have a single piece of advice for you: Take lessons. I've been enrolled in an 8-week adult program for the past two seasons and again this year. It has made a tremendous difference in my skiing. It's probably best to take lessons as early as you can, before you develop too many bad habits.

Welcome to the forum and to the sport.
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I'm somewhere a wee bit north of Toronto. I'm at Uplands most of the time, and occasionally venture out to Barrie and Collingwood.
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