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Looking for a BC day pack

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Any thoughts on a good day pack for BC?

Some features I'd like:

Hold skis - A frame or diag.
shovel pocket, pouch.
hydration capable or included
enough room for extra stuff (baselayers, gloves, etc)
room for small lunch

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. Just a simple day pack for hiking the ridge and a day of skiing. Must be durable and made well. Again, simple.

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I am quite happy with my BCA Stash BC. But if I was looking today I would definitely consider the Black Diamond packs with the integrated Avi Lung.
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post
...if I was looking today I would definitely consider the Black Diamond packs with the integrated Avi Lung.

Black Diamond 'Anarchist' for some really hardcore stuff

if that's too heavy for you, id suggest the Black Diamond 'Covert'
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I like the idea of the integrated Avalung, but don't mind wearing my Avalung II with a pack. Does become a bit of a chore though - strap on beacon, shell layer, strap on Avalung, strap on backpack, adjust beacon, Avalung and backpack so as to avoid lumpy conflicting mess.

My favourite day packs for BC skiing are the Osprey Switch series. I have a Switch 16 which is a great day pack (watch out for large shovels though) and a Switch 40+ which is great for carrying a load of gear (now replaced by the Switch 36). For multiday trips I use a Macpac Ascent XPD.
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I'll second the Osprey Switch packs....and not just for skiing.
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another vote for the them
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DaKine also makes nice stuff, I'd check around for overstock/used.
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If price is a concern, you could take a look at the Ogio RPG. I bought one on steep and cheap for about $20 awhile ago. Bought it mainly for front country stuff but it has a sleeve for probe and shovel pocket. The probe sleeve is not very long, my compact one barely fits (I can send you dimensions if interested). I have not used it yet, so can't tell you about comfort/durability. But for the price I couldn't resist, and it seems well-made. Still can get it for about $35. They also make one called "patroller" which is more technical (and pricey).
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Another vote for the bca products. I have the stash and stash rider. the right size for day hikes. Fits everything needed for a day hike. Comfortable fit, almost as if it's not on your back. The stash is a Diagonal ski mount. 70oz reservoir w/insulated tube.
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After reading this tread I decided to look at the Osprey switch 16 series. I ended up in purchasing the 1700 cu inch one and after using it twice in the backcountry I like it very much. I retired a smaller 1200 cu inch Dakine which was also a great pack but the switch 16 is much more comfortable for long hikes with a heavier load.
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Interesting point you make there bprati about load and comfort. The Osprey packs come in different sizes for different body lengths (as do all top line back packs). Make sure you match the pack size for your body type as it will make load carrying much more comfortable.
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..Covert 32L

If you lean towards the Covert...I have the 32L, never used, new..just sitting around(a little big for me)...~$75

Covert Pack

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I hate to see gear just sitting the land of the misfit toys...

Do you still have the Covert Pack? If so, how much would you consider selling it for to an aspiring BC enthusiast? Please include any shipping $ to CT.

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PM sent moops...
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